Sunday, 17 April 2016

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Well, hello! I realise I should probably set off this post by addressing the fact my presence has somewhat lacked over this year so far - wah! My apologies! I'm been AWOL with a few bits and pieces, but I'm back! With that, I thought filling you in on life with a little snapshot from my recent trip to Amsterdam would be an appropriate (and very very pretty) starting point.

It has been so nice to kick the year off with a little mini-break and our 3 days in Amsterdam (which you may have seen popping up on my instagram) were truly a welcome break, and now I fear I have a slight case of wanderlust. You really can't beat venturing out and exploring new sights and seeking new experiences and I now have a long list of destinations I want to visit this year - so I'd better start saving!

Amsterdam really was as picturesque as you imagine it to be, with certain areas resembling Parisian charm and little corners just like my beloved Berlin (like the picture above). We spent most of our days wandering around the canal belt, popping in and out of cute independent store in the nine streets and picking up baked goods from any bakery I could find - which is no big surprise. 

Citizen M Hotel - Amsterdam

For our short stay we rested our tired bodies at the Citizen M Hotel, and it was such an awesome experience! Not only could you control the heating, lighting and television all from an ipad, the bed was HUGE and a welcome cushion for a good nights sleep. (man, I still miss that bed) The room has mood settings so you can wake up or wind down to certain noises on the surround sounds and alter the colour of the lights to suit - super cool right? Don't even get me started on the tv channels... (I may have managed to squeeze in 3 movies and multiple episodes of Ex on the Beach)

We didn't spend too much time doing the touristy things you would expect of a trip to Amsterdam, but we did make a stop off at the Stedelijk Museum, which is Amsterdam's offering of modern and contemporary art. With Adam being an illustrator, he always ensures a few galleries and exhibitions are on our to do list, and this museums collection spans everything from Mondrian to Memphis with an emphasis on applied arts.

If you're heading to Amsterdam any time soon, I would suggest checking out Emily Isa Baker for her awesome round up of Amsterdam city guides! They were super handy for finding sweet little spots for dinner or re-charging with a cup of coffee.



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