Sunday, 7 February 2016

Selfridges' Forest on the Roof

It appears that I have been sitting on the images for this post a little longer than I had thought - the end of 2015 just flew by! (as it the beginning of 2016!) So, today is a little throwback to November, my birthday, and a sweet afternoon date with Adam to the Selfridges Rooftop for afternoon tea.

The restaurant concept changes every season, with this turn being autumnal forestry and ski lodge-esque decor. Serving warming comfort foods, and seasonal beverages, the private express lift takes you to the roof to experience the beautiful sunlit view of the London Skyline.

With this being my first afternoon tea to date, I wasn't really sure kind of treats to be expecting, but Adam had chosen the vegetarian option for himself, and the regular option for me, so we had a whole host of different flavours to tuck in to. For me, it is always more about the sweet things in life rather than the savoury, so naturally, I homed in on the baked goods. Lets just say, my sweet tooth wasn't disappointed!

On the subject of sweet tooths, the show stopper for me were the warm and cosy jam and cream scones. Man, they were good! To be honest, and I feel like I'm not holding back here, I could have eaten the cream straight from the ramekin it was served in. They were by far the tastiest scones I have eaten - and I've eaten a lot.

If you fancy sitting on top of Selfridges for a fancy lunch, or a spot of afternoon tea, then I would 100% recommended it. In fact, if you have the Fish and Chips please do let me know what it is like - it looked damn good!



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