Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Into The Wilderness

Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness
Thetford Forest Eternal Sunday
Thetford Forest Autumn


Last week brought Adams birthday, and in true form, we headed out into the wilderness! We both love getting out of the city and heading into the country for some fresh air whenever we can, so a stop off at Thetford Forest on the way to visit family seemed the only way to celebrate! Of course, I rinse any photo opportunity, so the camera came with, and this was actually one of my favourite shoots! The drizzly, hazy weather, made for some awesome images! 

Black Dr Martens Emmeline Boots
Dr Marten Emmeline Boot

I'm not quite sure how I managed last winter without a durable pair of boots to battle the weather in (I am a trainers girl through and through), so a stomp around the autumn leaves seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out my Emmeline Docs! On first wear, I thought I'd suffer some blister issues, but they are pretty darn comfy to start! However, I did pick up some of their Doc's Sock's, which are padded to allow comfort whilst wearing the boots in, just in case! These docs are ridiculously versatile, so I styled them with some light layers, as despite the rain it was quite a mild day, and of course my Carhartt beanie! I reappearance in my wardrobe every year, without fail. 


Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness


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