Sunday, 29 November 2015

Brunch at Villiers All Day Dining Room

Villiers All Day Dining Room London
Villiers All Day Dining Room Embankment
Eternal Sunday Breakfast

Last week brought around the 24th of November - AKA, my birthday! Because it was also Adams birthday at the beginning of the month, we decided to take some time off from work to celebrate. We headed down to London for the night to spend some time admiring all of the festivities! (and of course, do some damage to my bank account) I love this time of year, I am a real Christmas nut, so this was the perfect way to spend my birthday. 

Villiers All Day Dining Room Eternal Sunday
Eternal Sunday Accessories
Villiers All Day Dining Room Breakfast Eternal Sunday

On our first day we headed for Southbank, my favourite part of the city and upon leaving Embankment station stumbled across Villiers All Day Dining Room. Warmly lit with beautiful Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and fir garlands decorating the windows, we just had to pop in and check it out. Turns out, it was the perfect pit-stop for a quick caffeine boost before starting our day.

We are never too lucky when it comes to spur of the moment decisions, mainly because I'm too indecisive when it comes to food (I want it all) but I don't think our luck could have got any better because it was freakin' delicious! I made an order of scrambled eggs on toast, with a side of bacon, and to quote Adam it was 'the best bacon I have ever tasted' - and it really was! I thought I would put in a little close up here - because, yum. 

As it turns out the people behind Villiers have a long established history of providing Londoners with delicious food and drink, and no doubt Adam and I will be making a return. 

Stay tuned for more details from our London jaunt. Featuring a very fancy Selfridges reservation and a trip up The Sky Garden! Until then...


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Into The Wilderness

Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness
Thetford Forest Eternal Sunday
Thetford Forest Autumn


Last week brought Adams birthday, and in true form, we headed out into the wilderness! We both love getting out of the city and heading into the country for some fresh air whenever we can, so a stop off at Thetford Forest on the way to visit family seemed the only way to celebrate! Of course, I rinse any photo opportunity, so the camera came with, and this was actually one of my favourite shoots! The drizzly, hazy weather, made for some awesome images! 

Black Dr Martens Emmeline Boots
Dr Marten Emmeline Boot

I'm not quite sure how I managed last winter without a durable pair of boots to battle the weather in (I am a trainers girl through and through), so a stomp around the autumn leaves seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out my Emmeline Docs! On first wear, I thought I'd suffer some blister issues, but they are pretty darn comfy to start! However, I did pick up some of their Doc's Sock's, which are padded to allow comfort whilst wearing the boots in, just in case! These docs are ridiculously versatile, so I styled them with some light layers, as despite the rain it was quite a mild day, and of course my Carhartt beanie! I reappearance in my wardrobe every year, without fail. 


Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness


Sunday, 8 November 2015

My Week in 5

So, this week was a fun one! Despite now coming to the tail end of a cold, the week kicked off with my first full week at my new job, which is going amazingly, and I even had a little break in between to celebrate something special. But of course, there is this guy. ^^ If you haven't seen me  go full cat lady on my social media about him already? So, here is another #MyWeekin5...

5 minutes of your time, 5 details from my week...

RSPCA Eternal Sunday
Oh,Finn! Yes yes, I finally have a cat of my own! After months of cooing over cats of the internet, and at cats from around my neighbourhood (Don't worry, they all went back to their own homes - ha!) Adam and I adopted this gorgeous guy from the RSPCA on Halloween night! Isn't he beautiful? He's such a chilled boy with so much character, a complete dream! Adam and I knew we wanted to adopt, rather than buying privately, and after immediately falling in love when we met him, and a home inspection passed, he's home! I'm currently trying to type around him...

Ren Skincare Eternal Sunday
A couple of weeks back, when in need of a new moisturiser, I tweeted REN to see if they had samples of their products available to buy online, and they kindly sent me out a few miniatures to test out before buying. So, after a few weeks of testing and still needing a moisturiser, I ordered a full size bottle of their T-zone Balancing Gel-Cream from their Clarimatte range! Designed for combination skin, the formulae is super lightweight, fresh, and I use this as part of my morning skincare regime as it absorbs amazingly and does a fantastic job at keeping my skin shine free throughout most of the day. I've also really noticed a reduction in breakouts, so that is a major bonus! If, like me, you have combination skin then I'd give this moisturiser a go!

Wednesday was my boy Adams birthday! I get so excited to gift people things, and as I had been sitting (not literally) on his gifts for months, I think I was more excited than him! We try and take any opportunity we can to get out and about, and as he was the birthday boy, the hazy weather didn't stop us! We headed out to the wilderness to have some down time together, but of course, the camera always comes with! The drizzly weather didn't stop us capturing some awesome shots! More on that, soon...
Olive Clothing Eternal Sunday
This week I discovered the brand Olive, and swiftly made my first order! (Next day delivery win) Olive is a British brand, based in Cheltenham, and their collections are all about heritage design, mixed with modern cuts and my kind of street style. As it seems I am always on the hunt for more striped additions to my wardrobe, I was drawn in by their awesome range of designs. I purchased this skinny stripe tee, and I'm super impressed with the quality! It is a mix of grey, black and white thin stripe cuts just above the waist (very 70's!) so not cropped but shorter than your usual sweater, and I love the contrasting stripe around the neckline - the perfect basic. I'll be including this in a post soon, so keep 'em peeled for full length detail, and I've already made another purchase...

This week Lena Dunham released the first of her episodes for her new podcast Women of The Hour, and it the topic was Friendship! I love a good helping of Lena, but coming at me through audio form was all that more enjoyable! There is just something about her voice I find so therapeutic, and I completely zone in when listening to her talk. I listened to the episode on my journey home from work (the calmest way to experience the rush hour traffic) and there was even a tiny helping of Emma Stone thrown in there, another lady I admire! Have you tuned in?



Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dr. Martens Store Edit

Eternal Sunday Dr Martens Norwich
Last weekend I was invited down to the Dr. Martens store in my home town of Norwich to edit their 'Back to College' collection. I haven't previously owned a pair of Dr. Martens, but friends rave about the comfort of their shoes (read: once you have worn them in) so I was super excited to head down and check out the selection.

Dr Martens Store Norwich
Dr Martens Store Norwich
Doc's are an iconic British-made staple of any wardrobe, and the store itself is full of the trademark Dr Martens character, and it's influential history within pop culture is plastered all over the walls...Literally. 

Although drawn in by the many prints and metallics (oh - the metallics were amazing) I thought as it was my first Dr. Martins experience, I would opt for a shoe that was classic in colour and wearable for the winter months. After much decision making (I'm the most indecisive person) I decided to go for the Emmeline Boots. I love the military styling, but they are also quite a feminine cut - perfect for my daily styling - and the ankle height is spot on. A great introduction to the brand. I stuck to my guns and picked up a black pair, even though the burgundy were pretty hard to resist.

Dr Martens Black Emmeline Boots
Emmeline Boots Docs
But of course, now that you know I can't make decisions, I did end up picking up another pair! These Python beauties got 3 compliments whilst they were on my feet in store - so that was enough to warrant taking them home, right? I was missing a statement shoe in my wardrobe, something to add a bit of versatility into my daily wardrobe, and the subtle snakeskin texture won me over! 

Eternal Sunday Snakeskin Docs
Thank you to Yasmin, Grace and Craig who helped me out whilst deliberating in store, and to Dr. Martens for inviting me down and gifting me the Emmeline Boots! They'll be popping up in a post soon! 

Eternal Sunday Norwich


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