Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sunday At The Sainsbury Centre

Eternal Sunday Sainsbury Centre Norwich
Sainsbury Centre Norwich
Magnificent Obsessions Exhibition UEA Norwich
One of the things I love about living in Norwich is that there is always something happening around the corner. Whether its a market, pop up shop, or degree show, there is plenty to fill a blissful weekend afternoon, and between the bursts of rain last Sunday, Adam and I headed down to the university to check out an exhibition that is currently being shown in The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. The centre is located on campus and is a space for the studying and presentation of art, as well as exhibiting collections and holding lectures, (and, might I add, being a backdrop for a scene in the last Avengers Film, just a little boast from me there) and they are currently running an exhibition called 'Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as a Collector'. It is an exhibit that showcases various well-known artists personal possessions and collections - think Andy Warhol and Damien Hurst - which ranges from textiles, to cookie jars, post cards and of course, some taxidermy. As you can imagine, no photography was allowed once in the exhibition space, but from what I can tell you it was a pretty cool exhibition! A really interesting insight into what these artists like to personally enjoy, collect, and fill their surroundings with, as we spend so much time admiring their work and collecting it ourselves.

Eternal Sunday Vans Old Skool
Eternal Sunday ASOS Shirt
Of course, when the opportunity for some outfit shots strikes, I take it! (Just please excuse my blank expression ha!) Even though my choice of clothing at the weekend is questionable, at best, in the name of leaving the house, I sorted myself out. This space is called Eternal Sunday, after all...

Since my wardrobe stocktake post, I've really been trying to play with colours and textures, and this shirt from Megan Ellaby's ASOS Tops Collection has been on my back all month. The colour is perfect for autumn, and its such a versatile piece! You can wear it tied at the waist (it comes with a tie, I just wasn't wearing it that day) for a serious 70's look (best for me when I'm feeling fancy!) or open and layered up! I like wearing it over the top of a stripe to add a bit of depth to my outfit, rather than opting for my usual white tee. This bad boy also comes in a dreeeamy suede, I'm just currently weighing up my bank balance...

Eternal Sunday ASOS Topshop

Megan X ASOS Tops Shirt  Zara Stripe Tee (ooold season)  



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