Thursday, 29 October 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: October

Eternal Sunday October Favourites
After a little break from monthly favourites, with a very hectic September, I'm back this month with a fresh batch! I've collated a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout October and popped them into a chatty favourites post. 

I briefly mentioned this product in my 'A Fresh Cut' post, a little teaser there, and as promised, its back again in my favourites. You girls know how difficult it is to find a dry shampoo with no white cast, or product residue, and I think I've found the solutins to our woes. At the moment, I'm finding this bottle from Herbal Essences really does do the trick! It oomphs up my 2nd day hair and leaves things looking light and fresh, rather than weighted. As a lady that usually has to wash her hair everyday, I'm enjoying that little extra time in bed in the mornings - aha! Long may it continue.

I still can't quite believe there was a time I didn't use bronzer, even just a light dusting to try and make it look like I have some form of bone structure. Now, I have a few in my dresser draw and this month I've been loving the Soap & Glory Solar Powder! After seeing both Anna and Lily rave about it, I had to test it out, and I'm really enjoying it! It is an awesome price point, being a drugstore find, and the formulae applies so naturally, no orange or muddy undertones, just right. As I have an olive toned complexion, I'm only after a light bronzing in the day, so this product fits perfectly into my daily make up routine.

This Clinique blush is a loyal member of my make up stash, (as you can tell, it is well loved!) and I reach for this every winter, particularly because the formulae. I find it acts as a blush-come-highlighter hybrid, which is great for adding some glow to my complexion if things are looking a little dull, and as it is super pigmented too, a light dusting does the job. I have the shade 'Iced Lotus', which is the perfect pink to add a little flush the cheeks. I'm not sure if these blushes are still being sold, but next up, I really want to try their Cheek Pop's!

If you caught my little update post a couple of weeks back, then you will know that I have recently landed myself a new job (yay!), however there was a small glitch in the fact I needed a car to get there - haha! So last week I picked up my new wheeelz - yaas! I haven't needed a car since moving into there centre of the city, but it feels so good to be back on the road! Plus, how cute is this keychain? Adam picked it up for me so my keys don't get lost in my handbag, whatta babe. 

In the name of a new job, of course a little wardrobe updated was needed - any excuse, lets be honest! I started it all off with this Topshop shirt that caught my eye when attempting to shop the sale, and surprise surprise, the item I picked up ended up being full price! Always the way. Of course, I purchased anyway, because just look at that print! I am all about this colour combo, and with the colder months setting in, I'm excited to experiment with dressing it. I'm thinking lots of layers...



Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sunday At The Sainsbury Centre

Eternal Sunday Sainsbury Centre Norwich
Sainsbury Centre Norwich
Magnificent Obsessions Exhibition UEA Norwich
One of the things I love about living in Norwich is that there is always something happening around the corner. Whether its a market, pop up shop, or degree show, there is plenty to fill a blissful weekend afternoon, and between the bursts of rain last Sunday, Adam and I headed down to the university to check out an exhibition that is currently being shown in The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. The centre is located on campus and is a space for the studying and presentation of art, as well as exhibiting collections and holding lectures, (and, might I add, being a backdrop for a scene in the last Avengers Film, just a little boast from me there) and they are currently running an exhibition called 'Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as a Collector'. It is an exhibit that showcases various well-known artists personal possessions and collections - think Andy Warhol and Damien Hurst - which ranges from textiles, to cookie jars, post cards and of course, some taxidermy. As you can imagine, no photography was allowed once in the exhibition space, but from what I can tell you it was a pretty cool exhibition! A really interesting insight into what these artists like to personally enjoy, collect, and fill their surroundings with, as we spend so much time admiring their work and collecting it ourselves.

Eternal Sunday Vans Old Skool
Eternal Sunday ASOS Shirt
Of course, when the opportunity for some outfit shots strikes, I take it! (Just please excuse my blank expression ha!) Even though my choice of clothing at the weekend is questionable, at best, in the name of leaving the house, I sorted myself out. This space is called Eternal Sunday, after all...

Since my wardrobe stocktake post, I've really been trying to play with colours and textures, and this shirt from Megan Ellaby's ASOS Tops Collection has been on my back all month. The colour is perfect for autumn, and its such a versatile piece! You can wear it tied at the waist (it comes with a tie, I just wasn't wearing it that day) for a serious 70's look (best for me when I'm feeling fancy!) or open and layered up! I like wearing it over the top of a stripe to add a bit of depth to my outfit, rather than opting for my usual white tee. This bad boy also comes in a dreeeamy suede, I'm just currently weighing up my bank balance...

Eternal Sunday ASOS Topshop

Megan X ASOS Tops Shirt  Zara Stripe Tee (ooold season)  



Sunday, 18 October 2015

A Fresh Cut

There have been a couple shout-out's to the lady in charge of my barnet on ES, (for good reason, she is very handy with a pair of scissors) but with another visit booked in for this past weekend and her recent move to Flint, Norwich, I thought I would grab the opportunity to take a few snaps inside their space. It just so happens that a couple of weeks back my good friends were involved in an exhibition held at Flint by photographer Dean Chalkey, and the pieces were still on display on the walls. This was a welcome chance to have a closer look whilst waiting for my appointment (I always turn up early, to everything) without inching my way through a chattering crowd. [PS - If you want to check out the exhibition it is down at Flint until November 19th, and moving to Shoreditch after!]

Now, for the after care. We'd all love to keep a hold of the 'just stepped out of the salon' look, but we all know that is not a reality. So, I thought I would share some of the products I use to help keep things looking as fresh as the day it got cut...

I'm a huge fan of using lotions and potions on my hair, particularly oils. I tend to towel dry my hair after washing and slather on one of the following:

As I have super thick and heavy hair, I find this coconut milk to be light enough in consistency to be used on my hair daily. It is really effective at preventing breakages from combing and halt excess malting (girls got alotta hair), but if I want something with extra softening powers I reach for...

I've been using it for years, and it really is an amazing product! If things start to get a little dried out, this oil is fantastic at penetrating deep and locking in moisture, as well as being a great saviour of split ends in between cuts. This bottle is multi-purpose, as it can be mixed into your shampoo or conditioner, as well as a body moisturiser. Holy grail prodcut right here.

I got my hands on this sample size product in a My Little Box and wasn't really expecting much from it, but its proved me wrong! It is more of a milk, than it is an oil, but MAN, it leaves my hair so so soft and keeps in in excellent condition. It is specifically formulated for anti-roughness and anti-dullness and it really fits the bill. When this runs out I'll be searching for the full size, for sure.

For the day-to-day styling, I keep it quite minimal, mainly because I'm a 'get ready in 5 minutes' kind of girl, and I have a few products that cover all bases:

A styling product? I'm going with it. Unfortunately, my hair is a wash every day kind of situation, but if I can save it with a bit of dry shampoo, best believe I will! The Herbal Essences dry shampoo is a recent discovery, but first impressions were a good'n! I'll be chatting about this more more in my next monthly favourites... (yes, I'm a tease - sorry!)

For days I'm feeling lazy, a texturizing spray is always the way to go. My beloved TRESemm√© texturizing spray seems to have been discontinued (if you track it down, or no otherwise - please do let me know!) so I've been using this L'oreal offering, mainly because it was on offer - paha! But so far, I really like it. I creates great oomph and movement to lacklustre hair days.

I usually grab this product when I've put some time into my styling, added a wave or 2, because it's great for keeping hold, adding texture and upping the volume. I just part the hair and sprinkle directly from the bottle into the roots and work it in all over, and it stays put all day.


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