Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Just checking in...

Oh hey! Apologies for the blank space between posts this past month, it has been such a busy one! Not for any reason in particular, time just seems to be escaping me! I'm only now just settling down to take a breather and check back in with the world. (AKA - scroll through my bloglovin' and Twitter feeds) So, this months lifestyle favourites are on the back burner as I haven't really been switching up my routine, and I'm coming at you with a little chatty life update!

Above are a couple of snapshots from over the weekend taking a well needed breath of fresh air at the university campus in Norwich with Adam (I'm not a student, but the grounds and lakes are beautiful and welcome to the public!). We were mostly capturing some snap shots on our film camera and taking in the changing of the seasons (don't you just love this transitional time of year where it is just about crisp enough to layer up, but the sun makes an appearance?) and as you can tell by my get up from the day I wasn't quite expecting the be in front of the camera! But this has been my general go-to over the past month - jeans and a t-shirt. I haven't taken these Topshop jeans off since I bought them [sneaking a little fave in here] and I'm completely OK with that. The jamies fit me so perfectly, so I'm glad I picked up this lighter denim with rip detailing, because they are a great transitional piece before I surgically attached myself to my black jeans in the winter months!

Elsewhere in my month, I got a new job! The main reason for a little silence of late as it was something I wanted to fully concentrate my energy on, and I'm super glad I did! I'm officially a content writer!! I can't wait to put the love and joy I experience from my blog into everyday practise and develop my writing. Exciting things around the corner!

Let me know if you like these little chatty posts, the usual monthly favourites will be back next month! (and a new post this Sunday!)

That's enough from me, how is your week?


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