Sunday, 6 September 2015

My Week In 5

5 minutes of your time, 5 details from my week...

On Wednesday Adam and I headed to Lakeside to hit up IKEA! There have been a few bits we have been eyeing up online for the house and with us both having the week off work we thought we would road trip it down there. We hired a van for the journey, because our list mainly consisted of large furniture which meant I was a white van woman for the day - which went a lot smoother than I expected! 


Finally, I have a workspace! This makes me happy. On said IKEA list was a desk for Adam, which means I have inherited his beareu - which to be honest, I have been wanting since I met him, haha! - It was a charity shop buy, such an awesome find as the mid-century style is everywhere in interior design at the moment. The space is nowhere near where I want it to be, but it's a welcome starting point, so let me know if you would like a little desk tour once it is all complete and looking pinteresty. I'm super excited to get shopping for some new stationary and prints for the walls!


Last month the gym and I had a good relationship, an understanding. I would head to the office for my 9-5 and then slog myself down there for an hour after my working day, I even started to enjoy myself, but sometimes I just don't have the 'get up and go' - yano? So this week I ordered myself a 12kg set of weights to work out at home, for the days that I want to feel the burn, but to be honest, cant be arsed. I love using Carly Rowena's YouTube channel to workout at the moment, her videos are really simple to follow along to and she always puts the workout in the description box with a breakdown of weights and reps, very handy for a beginner like myself. No excuses this time!


 Another chop! I know some people can't stand a session at the hairdressers, but I love it. It is like a mini spa day, with the head massage, lotions and potions. Once again, I headed to Katie at The Egg Salons and she done another awesome job! She coloured my hair last month, so this appointment was just for a fresh cut. I'm still really digging shorter locks, I may possibly grow it out for winter, but for now, it is staying...

A week off of course meant I'd be doing some binge watching. Adam and I are really into Supernatural at the moment and we're currently riding out season 5. If you are not familiar, Supernatural is an American television series about 2 brothers (one of which is Jared Padalecki AKA Dean from Gilmore Girls *drools*) that hunt all supernatural beings - poltergeists, demons, angels - the lot. Now, you may be thinking "Oh man, not more fantasy shit" but don't knock it until you have tried it. This week we've probably chugged down an unhealthy amount, but I'm totally OK with that.



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