Sunday, 12 July 2015

Berlin On A Budget

I thought I was all out of my Berlin posts, but here I am still banging on about it - paha! So many of you in the comments mentioned that you also wanted to head to Berlin, so I thought I'd share my tips on how we got our kick-ass deal! £200 all in, I couldn't quite believe it myself...

Luckily, Berlin is a super easy and super cheap destination to get to. Our closest airport is Stansted with budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair flying to Berlin. For such a short haul flight (an hour and 20 minutes) we weren't too fussed flying on the cheap - especially when we bagged return flights for £47 each. Plus they were 6:30AM and 8:00PM so we got 2 full days either side of our trip - bonus! So, depending on what airport you fly from, do a bit of digging around to get your best deal and for the hour you are in the air, don't be afraid to go budget!

Ryanair allows each passenger 2 lots of cabin baggage - 1 personal bag and 1 mini case. So this already saves you £15 each, each way. As we were only travelling for 3 days, condensing down to a rucksack and a small wheely was a breeze! Lets be honest, I didn't even wear half the stuff I packed, and props to Adam who managed it all in one rucksack. So if you can, sack off the big luggage allowance! (Also, heads up - every station in Berlin has lockers, so if you aren't flying back until late like us, drop off your stuff into a locker for the day!) 

If you want to completely absorb your trip, I'd suggest going self catering. Personally, I think you gain more freedom in your days and a chance to really live like a local. Our airbnb was in the heart of Neukölln, not an area we would have experienced fully in a hotel and cost cost us only £104 for the whole stay. Plus, Berlin is super cheap for eating and drinking so stocking up on a few bits and bobs for breakfasts and snacks wasn't a budget buster. 

In reality, Berlin is super easy to get around... after our first couple of mistakes we realised this- haha! The subway (U-Bahn) costs 7€/ish for the whole day, but we generally only used this to get us somewhere near central and spent the rest of the journey on foot. You find yourself just wondering around and soaking in all the sites, and then realise you've just walked a couple of miles! But seriously, the underground system is much like London, it just needs a little concentration as all the names are so similar! 

I hope these tips help those of you wanting to head to Berlin - it really can be done on a budget. Do it!

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  1. I love finding travel posts like this because it always makes me realize I don't have to wait forever to get to the places I want to go. Berlin is on the list for sure. Love your pictures and the header of your blog is absolutely adorable! Thanks for leaving your link during the #lbloggers chat!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by for a read! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Credit goes to my boyf for my header 👏🏻 You really should stop by Berlin if you can!


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