Thursday, 30 July 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: July!

It's that time again, where I pull together a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout the month and pop them into a chatty favourites post. Here is July's helping:

Green People Day Solution Cream SPF15
When I attended the #SLBloggerBash back at the beginning of the year I received a sample size of a Green People Fruit Scrub in my goody bag and since then I've really wanted to try more products from the organic, all natural, skincare brand. Kindly, they got in touch and offered to send me a sample of a product of my choice to introduce myself a little more to the brand and I opted for their Day Solution Cream SPF15. Moisturisers are my downfall because I have oily/combination skin which I find a task to control, so I was attracted to all of the super natural, soothing and balancing ingredients of Aloe Vera, Hemp, Jojoba, Green Tea & Chamomile. It is quite a rich formula for my skin type for the mornings, so if I am wearing make up then I have to make sure I am all primed, but I think it is awesome for no make up days as it has that SPF protection and leaves a beautiful plumpness to the skin.  

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil
Oh boy, oh boy. This little bottle has been on my skincare wishlist for months, and I'm not quite sure what I would now do without it. Since first application, I've been hooked. If you don't know the hype around this little bottle, it is a Rosehip Facial Oil made from rosehip seeds, gently extracted from the plant to retain all of natural properties and produce pure concentrated fruit oil. Amazing stuff. Full of vitamin A and antioxidants, it offers the properties to condition and treat the skin with regular use. I have minor scarring around my jaw line, as well as slight redness, and this product works beautifully to sooth and plump! I haven't been using it long enough to notice the long term benefits with regards to scarring, but it is such a luxurious product to apply night after night - in fact, this is now the only product in my evening routine. IT'S THAT GOOD.

Origins GinZing Mascara
This sample size Ginzing mascara was given to me as an added extra from the purchase of my Origins Night-A-Mins (which got a landed in last months favourites!) and I've been super impressed with it. I haven't actually tried any makeup from Origins before now, and mascaras can be so hit and miss (I've still been loyal to the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara) but this tubes is fab at lengthening and lifting, without being super heavy or thick. Being the GinZing range, I find it really awakens my eyes and leaves my lashes looking natural, but noticeable. 

Five Elephant Tote Bag
Over the summer months I have given up carrying around a structured bag and opted for the lighter option of a canvas tote. I picked this one up from Berlin coffee shop Five Elephant and it is by far my favourite of the many I have scattered around my house. A girl strolled into the coffee shop carrying one, but none were out on display, so I shyly asked were I could purchase one from and it turns out they were being hand printed just down the road, and I've been toting it around ever since. I love that it reminds me of Berlin every time I pick it up, and it is unique to me and my travels. You can read all about Five Elephant in my Berlin Travel Guide Part 2!

Vans Old Skool
I owe this purchase of the Vans Old Skool to Adam, I saw these on his feet and decided I myself needed a pair. My black converse cease to fit any longer and after owning a pair of Vans as a teen I thought I would give these a shot, and let me tell you, they are SO comfy. Like, ridiculously comfy. They are super versatile, worn with smart trousers, basic jeans or an a-line skirt (in my imagination, the latter is not my first choice) and I love the play with textures with the suede toe cap. Although Adam also owns a pair, they are not boyish looking on me at all, we just have to make sure we don't wear them on the same day...
Hope you have all had a fabulous July! 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

ES Photography Wishlist

Since starting up Eternal Sunday last year I've been working with pretty minimal resources, which up until now has suited me down to the ground. But as time goes on and my little blog space starts to get older, I want to experiment more and push my boundaries with the visual side of ES. Basically, I would like to invest in some new equipment, and as always I'm sharing it with you...

- Camera
My current camera is somewhat of a DSLR - come - point and shoot hybrid, so it would be awesome to have something on hand that is a little lighter, but holds the same high quality as a DSLR. The Panasonic digital cameras are a fantastic range and I particularly like the look of the DMC-LX100. It is a point and shoot that has a manual focus ring (for the desired bloggers blurred backgrounds) and bokeh capabilities, as well as a high quality Leica lens. So this would be great to use in the house on my tripod, or out and about shooting for the blog. Now just to save up...

- Camera Bag
When I'm shooting blog posts outside or on my travels I foolishly just put my camera in my tote bag and hope no breakage occurs, which is tempting fate. So I'm after a camera bag that is not too bulky, can possibly take my purse and keys, whilst not looking too boyish  (it's so hard to find feminine camera bags) and this Hunter Nylon Bag fits the bill perfectly. Plus, when it is Hunter then you know it is going to be rugged and reliable.

- Lighting
We all know British weather is a bummer, and as we will shortly be heading into the gloom of winter I thought it about time I pick up some artificial lighting (Photoshop will only do so much!). Adam helped me narrow this one down to the Manfrotto Lumie Series Art LED Light. It is smaller in size, which is perfect for portability, and can be bounced off a reflector to mimic that of a soft box. The light also has 3 different filters that can be slotted over the bulb to alter the softness of light, depending on how crappy the weather is! Ideally, I'd also light to bag myself some soft boxes, but this light will do the job both in and out of the house.

- Reflectors
Speaking of reflectors, the WexPro Reflectors would be a perfect match with the LED light for my kind of use - product shots and interior. They can be used to create all kinds of light and shadow as they have 5 different surfaces that you can zip on and go! Translucent white for soft shadows, pure white for bright light and gold for bronze tones - awesome for face shots. Black to reduce dull reflections and silver for increasing contrast.

- Blog Planner
As you may or may not know, I'm a pretty organized human being. Things must have a place and there must be a rightful order. SO, when I spotted the awesome Bloggers Planners via the beautiful Carrie from WishWishWish I was like 'YES'. They are perfect! Split into various different forms - day planners, menu planners - I have my eye on 'The Bloggers Planner'. Sectioned into, days of the week, stats from your blog, space for hauls and monthly favourites with your own blog name printed onto the front cover - a million times YES.

What are your current photography wants? Anything I should add to my list?

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bloggers For Your Bookmarks: Part 3

It's time for the third instalment of 'BFYB' - I dipped out for a couple of months whilst I was enjoying finding fresh blogs and I really have discovered some awesome blogs and promptly added them to my blog roll. These ladies are top of my list this July...

I was drawn to Erins site because of her awesome photography and sense of style. I would happily pinch her whole wardrobe right now, but what's more, her blog covers all bases and I'm all over that! Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and sweet sweet posts about her son Adam. California based, she is inspired by all things vintage and thrifty and that really oozes into her blog, more than once I have got lost sifting through her archives and I'm totally OK with that. Calivintage is perfect for settling down for a good ol' read on a Sunday.

The Slumflower
I found Chidera's profile whilst tracing Twitter and hit 'follow' before even hopping over to her blog, I just knew it would be up my street. The Slumflower is a fashion blog and if you love a good fix of sun drenched candid style fashion photography, you will be all over it! Chidera's outfits are always bold and brave, beyond anything that reflects myself and how I would dress, which is why I think I like reading through it so much.

Erika Bowes
If I'm honest, I was drawn in by Erikas hair in a selfie on Twitter - #hairinspiration. But once I started having a peek at her blog everything just slotted together. Her chic, utiliatarian contemporary style is something I really enjoy and in my head, if I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and go the whole hog, I'd like to filter into my own wardrobe. Her written content is short and sweet, but her photography does all the talking.

Share the love in the comments below, I welcome fresh blog recommendations always!


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Berlin On A Budget

I thought I was all out of my Berlin posts, but here I am still banging on about it - paha! So many of you in the comments mentioned that you also wanted to head to Berlin, so I thought I'd share my tips on how we got our kick-ass deal! £200 all in, I couldn't quite believe it myself...

Luckily, Berlin is a super easy and super cheap destination to get to. Our closest airport is Stansted with budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair flying to Berlin. For such a short haul flight (an hour and 20 minutes) we weren't too fussed flying on the cheap - especially when we bagged return flights for £47 each. Plus they were 6:30AM and 8:00PM so we got 2 full days either side of our trip - bonus! So, depending on what airport you fly from, do a bit of digging around to get your best deal and for the hour you are in the air, don't be afraid to go budget!

Ryanair allows each passenger 2 lots of cabin baggage - 1 personal bag and 1 mini case. So this already saves you £15 each, each way. As we were only travelling for 3 days, condensing down to a rucksack and a small wheely was a breeze! Lets be honest, I didn't even wear half the stuff I packed, and props to Adam who managed it all in one rucksack. So if you can, sack off the big luggage allowance! (Also, heads up - every station in Berlin has lockers, so if you aren't flying back until late like us, drop off your stuff into a locker for the day!) 

If you want to completely absorb your trip, I'd suggest going self catering. Personally, I think you gain more freedom in your days and a chance to really live like a local. Our airbnb was in the heart of Neukölln, not an area we would have experienced fully in a hotel and cost cost us only £104 for the whole stay. Plus, Berlin is super cheap for eating and drinking so stocking up on a few bits and bobs for breakfasts and snacks wasn't a budget buster. 

In reality, Berlin is super easy to get around... after our first couple of mistakes we realised this- haha! The subway (U-Bahn) costs 7€/ish for the whole day, but we generally only used this to get us somewhere near central and spent the rest of the journey on foot. You find yourself just wondering around and soaking in all the sites, and then realise you've just walked a couple of miles! But seriously, the underground system is much like London, it just needs a little concentration as all the names are so similar! 

I hope these tips help those of you wanting to head to Berlin - it really can be done on a budget. Do it!

Fancy a read of my previous Berlin posts?


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Berlin Travel Guide Part 2: Photo Diary

Back to Berlin today for the final instalment of my Berlin travels at the beginning of June! I am sitting in the garden whilst typing this, so I'm not feeling as bummed out about being back in the UK as I once was, and today I'm taking you through a few of the leftover snaps I've wanted to share, a mix of beautiful Berlin and of course, there is food. Always...

As we know a couple of illustrators that live in the area, we were able to hit up a few spots from their recommendations, which was ace! Local eateries that we would have missed out on if it weren't for them.

Of course our first point of call was a burger, so we hit up Burgermeister, a stand in the heart of the busy crossroads in Kreuzberg (literally, it was in the middle of the road) to fill our stomachs after a long day of travelling. The hustle around the stand is always a good sign, and the burger was pretty good! 

Fast forward to the next morning, and we headed back down to kreuzberg to sample some Berlin coffee and, so we'd heard, the best cheesecake (spoiler - it was amazing) from Five Elephant Coffee & Cake Shop. Their belief is to open conversation about coffee and make sure there is an open understanding surrounding where the beans were sourced, what the process was, and build relationships with the farmers that take it from the farms, to the cup. I don't drink coffee, but I have firm confirmation from Adam that it was a darn good cup. I can, however speak on behalf of the cheesecake and it was bloody good! We all know I have a major sweet tooth and it was pure, creamy, baked goodness. (I also have a weakness for tote bags and picked up one of theirs which I posted on Instagram)

A stroll through Kreuzberg, takes you down to the East Side Gallery - Aka, the Berlin wall - in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. I won't go into too much of a history lesson, but it is a 1.5km memorial on the wall that divided East and West Berlin during 1961-1989. Now covered in graffiti and illustrations from 102 artists.

From the East Side Gallery we headed to the centre of Berlin and the high point of the Berlin skyline, the TV tower. Adam and I went up to the viewing platform, which is 203 metres high with a 360 view of the city, perfect viewing of all the hot spots - The Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, It was like Google maps in reality! Paha! Unfortunately, none of the pictures I took whilst up there came to much because of the glass window reflection, but trust me, it was awesome. 

Another stop off for food before we had to head to catch our flight home, and we ended up at Burritos Dolores. Estee [EssieButton] was actually in Berlin with Fran [Frannerd] at the same time as us and I saw this spot on her Snapchat and was like YES! I'm always up for a Burrito, and this one was a whopper. Big ol' Cali style. I'd like I say it was a struggle to eat it all, but who am I kidding... ;)

I'll be back, Berlin. You were a beauty.

Catch up with Part 1 of my Berlin travels.

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