Monday, 22 June 2015

Berlin Travel Guide Part 1: Neukölln

It has been almost 2 weeks since we landed back in the UK after a short trip to Berlin, and I'm still feeling the blues, I never thought I'd been so taken by the city, but it has completely stolen me. With that in mind, I thought it was about time I uploaded the first part of my city guide, starting with the Kiez (Neighbourhood) we stayed in - Neukölln.

When looking for a part of the city to stay in on Airbnb, we knew we wanted to be a little set back from the initial hustle and bustle of central Berlin, that is when we came across Neukölln. Located just next to Kreuzberg (one of the liveliest parts of Berlin, with tonnes of pubs and bars) Neukölln has recently undergone a huge transformation and has become a hub of art and cafe culture. This sounded perfect for the experience Adam and I wanted, with him being an illustrator and me knowing I wanted some awesome backdrops for photos.

Our Airbnb was located smack bang in the middle of Neukölln, just a minutes walk to the canal and a short stroll over to Kreuzberg. (Known as the Kreuzkölln district, where the 2 boroughs Neukölln and Kreuzberg meet) We stayed HERE for 2 nights and, being our first Airbnb experience, we couldn't have been more thrilled. Our host Elizabeth was super helpful on our journey over to Berlin, mentioning a few of her favourite spots around the city for us to check out, and the apartment was situated in a beautiful ivy covered building, with classic sash windows and raw brick walls.

One of the things I observed about Neukolln in particular, and what I loved the most about the city is that everyone just seems to be taking it easy. Wandering down to a café to have an afternoon chat with friends, families riding bikes and walking the dog, gangs of young artists raiding skips for materials or just grabbing a beer and sitting by the canal. I could definitely get used to their way of life.

Right across the street from our apartment was the most amazing ice cream store, Fräulein FrostMy god. It was delicious. We only made it down there once (I was very sad about this) and we were in such a hurry we forgot the camera! So no snaps of the ice cream itself, but the store was so sweet. With plenty of flavours to choose from and the ice cream being made from organic milk,  and I'd even go as far to say that it was the best ice cream I've ever tasted! and it was only €0.90 a scoop!

One of the highlights of our trip has to be the vintage photoautomat booths that print out in black and white, they are everywhere around the city! They get more updated the further you get into central, but we used this map to scout out our closest stand, which was only around the corner from our apartment. After forgetting to buy a disposable camera, the candid photos that developed from the photoautomat are sweet reminders of our trip! (after a few trial and errors which I'll spare ourselves the embarrassment of) It is so nice to have some hard copies of photos, after everything nowadays being so digital. I must remember to get some more of our snaps printed out!

Part 2 of my guide will be on it's way soon! Follow my Bloglovin' not to miss more Berlin travel!

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