Sunday, 28 June 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: June!

It's that time again, where I pull together a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout the month and pop them into a chatty favourites post. This months set up is a little different, Adam and I headed to the coast over the weekend so I thought I'd shoot my favourites out in the 'summer' sun! So, here is Junes helping:

At the beginning of June Adam and I headed to Berlin for a short 3-dayer, so of course it would get a mention in my favourites. We had an amazing time exploring different boroughs of the city and I absolutely love these black and white snaps we took in the phtoautomat! Yes, we had 4 takes before our faces look remotely sane, but that is half the fun! In fact, you can read the first part of my Berlin Travel Guide which is already up on ES, with the second half coming at you this week!

I work in an office Monday-Friday, where the dress code is somewhat 'smart casual', so I always like to purchase pieces that transition from my 'work wardrobe' to my 'weekend wardrobe', and these Clarks Glove Candy fit the bill perfectly. They are an early Autumn release from Clarks' Sport Luxes range (check it out, the selection is awesome) and I really appreciate the combination of textures - suede, croc and patent. A great take on a slip on.

If you have been around these parts since I started ES last year then you'll know I have a major love for Origins and I always turn back to them when I need to get my skin in order (plus every product is like enjoying a facial). My current night cream is a little on the thick side for my combination skin, so I've been using the Oil Free version of their Night-A-Mins, and it is beautiful. It is a rich treat for my skin in the evenings, but still sinks in perfectly and leaves my skin fresh and plump in the mornings thanks to the fact it is packed full of vitamins and minerals. I really couldn't rave about it enough.

This polish has been on my nails all month since I picked it up whilst in Berlin. Isn't the colour awesome? I was drawn to it whilst waiting at the checkout, not usually being drawn to shades of blue, but I'm loving it. The formulae isn't the best I've tried, a little watered down with a tendency to look uneven on first coat, but the finish is perfect after a couple of layers, and the staying power is great too. I'll definitely be checking out more shades next time I'm in a store!

I ordered this Kanken from ASOS just before we were due to depart for Berlin, knowing I would need something sturdy to lug around bits for our trip, and it really delivered. It has loads of different compartments, a great size for holding my camera and blogging bits and a slip on the inside handy for storing paperwork and passports. I also really appreciate the fact it has two ways of wearing, backpack straps and smaller handles at the top, these handles have a little popper to keep them together, making it easier for unwanted hands to delve in. (Yes, I sound like a tourist, but when you're carrying expensive cameras and your passports then I'd rather be safe than sorry). They definitely aren't the cheapest option of luggage, but I really have no complaints as they are so well made. I packed it to the brim on days we were out and about in Berlin and it never felt uncomfortable, weighted, or unsturdy. I'll definitely be bringing this along with me for future trips.

Here's hoping July will bring more summer vibes!


Monday, 22 June 2015

Berlin Travel Guide Part 1: Neukölln

It has been almost 2 weeks since we landed back in the UK after a short trip to Berlin, and I'm still feeling the blues, I never thought I'd been so taken by the city, but it has completely stolen me. With that in mind, I thought it was about time I uploaded the first part of my city guide, starting with the Kiez (Neighbourhood) we stayed in - Neukölln.

When looking for a part of the city to stay in on Airbnb, we knew we wanted to be a little set back from the initial hustle and bustle of central Berlin, that is when we came across Neukölln. Located just next to Kreuzberg (one of the liveliest parts of Berlin, with tonnes of pubs and bars) Neukölln has recently undergone a huge transformation and has become a hub of art and cafe culture. This sounded perfect for the experience Adam and I wanted, with him being an illustrator and me knowing I wanted some awesome backdrops for photos.

Our Airbnb was located smack bang in the middle of Neukölln, just a minutes walk to the canal and a short stroll over to Kreuzberg. (Known as the Kreuzkölln district, where the 2 boroughs Neukölln and Kreuzberg meet) We stayed HERE for 2 nights and, being our first Airbnb experience, we couldn't have been more thrilled. Our host Elizabeth was super helpful on our journey over to Berlin, mentioning a few of her favourite spots around the city for us to check out, and the apartment was situated in a beautiful ivy covered building, with classic sash windows and raw brick walls.

One of the things I observed about Neukolln in particular, and what I loved the most about the city is that everyone just seems to be taking it easy. Wandering down to a café to have an afternoon chat with friends, families riding bikes and walking the dog, gangs of young artists raiding skips for materials or just grabbing a beer and sitting by the canal. I could definitely get used to their way of life.

Right across the street from our apartment was the most amazing ice cream store, Fräulein FrostMy god. It was delicious. We only made it down there once (I was very sad about this) and we were in such a hurry we forgot the camera! So no snaps of the ice cream itself, but the store was so sweet. With plenty of flavours to choose from and the ice cream being made from organic milk,  and I'd even go as far to say that it was the best ice cream I've ever tasted! and it was only €0.90 a scoop!

One of the highlights of our trip has to be the vintage photoautomat booths that print out in black and white, they are everywhere around the city! They get more updated the further you get into central, but we used this map to scout out our closest stand, which was only around the corner from our apartment. After forgetting to buy a disposable camera, the candid photos that developed from the photoautomat are sweet reminders of our trip! (after a few trial and errors which I'll spare ourselves the embarrassment of) It is so nice to have some hard copies of photos, after everything nowadays being so digital. I must remember to get some more of our snaps printed out!

Part 2 of my guide will be on it's way soon! Follow my Bloglovin' not to miss more Berlin travel!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

City Break Travel Face

I'm back! Currently suffering with post holiday blues, as standard, so I thought before I kick off some pretty hefty posts with all the ins and outs from my time in Berlin, I would lay down the beauty products I took in my hand luggage [also - damn liquid restrictions] that got me through our stay.

As a rule, I always opt for fresh and light make up. So much so, that even putting on a bold lip makes me feel a little overdone - crazy. So, with the hot weather bound to make my base sweat off and the fact I was only really loading it on for photo taking purposes, I knew straight away I'd need my Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. Applied with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (the whole aim here was to save on brush space and this can be used throughout my whole routine - bonus) it gives super natural base (with my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to save me from too much glow - yano?) with a layer of Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer to cover my extra holiday baggage. For bronzer, it's all about The Body Shop Honey Bronze Powder as it it adds just a touch of definition, or can be layered up without the danger of turning too orange! I also packed a Max Factor Cream Blush to amp up with fresh faced vibes and the amazing theBalm Mary Lou-Minizer, just to cover all bases. I also like to use the L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper solo to add a little tint to my brows, sometimes paired with the MAC Eyebrow Pencil.

I'm still completely in love with the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara, not packing my eyelash curlers was a total fail, but I can't believe how much of a difference this mascara makes to my lashes, of course it was coming along (Read me jabber on about it more in this post). If I decided to steer from my SPF lip balm, I opted for 2 other products. The Pixi Shea Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry for a super moisturising daytime option, or the No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Rosy Ribbon if I felt like amping it up a bit (that feeling never actually occurred, but you can see me wearing it in this insta pic!).

Stay tuned for some juicy Berlin posts! Make sure you follow my Bloglovin not to miss them! & do pop a comment if you're up for more beauty posts!


Sunday, 7 June 2015

I'm Going To Berlin!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you have all had a good one so far? Mine has been spent mostly soaking up the sun in the garden, in between list writing and preparation for a trip to Berlin next week! Adam and I have booked a small 3 day getaway and I'm so excited to set off! (not so excited for the 1:00AM bus to the airport, mind you) It will be our first trip together out of the UK and Berlin will be the perfect city break to kick off our trips this year. 

This isn't my first trip to Berlin, I have actually been once before on a school trip, (The kind where you are dragged around by the teacher from museum to museum) but this will be a first for Adam, so it'll be great to experience the artistic side of the city, the gallery's and the coffee shops together, as well as the architectural aspects of the city. Of course, we'll also be scouting out some awesome backdrops for upcoming blog posts, possibly putting together a travel guide and a peek at our AirBnB hide out! So, make sure you follow my Bloglovin' if you fancy keeping up to date with all the fun

You can also follow my travels over on my Twitter or Instagram! Plus, if you have any recommendations for breakfast stop offs, places to grub lunch, or streets to shop, then please send them my way! & I will see you when I'm back...

Auf Wiedersehen!

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