Sunday, 31 May 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: May!

It's that time again, where I pull together a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout the month and pop them into a chatty favourites post. Here is Mays helping:

Denim Jacket
This vintage denim was originally a jacket that belonged to Adam, but after our first few months together I somewhat took at as my own and it's making an appearance again now the warm(ish) weather is kicking in. It is a little oversized, which is perfect for this style of denim and I've also added a rolled sleeve. 1, because they're super long and it clearly looks like I'm wearing my boyfriends jacket, and 2, because I it adds to that 'thrown on' effortless vibe. You can see it in action in this post.

I've been wearing this ever since it landed on my doorstep and it is honestly the best mascara I've ever owned. Full, thick AND curled lashes - no word of a lie. For more details, head over to my review!

Since cutting my hair shorter, the natural thickness of my hair has created bounce and body, rather than weight, so I usually let it do it's own thing rather than try to tame it. In fact, I even like to encourage it a little in the oomph department and this powder is fantastic for adding texture and body. I never really caught on to the whole 'sprinkle talcum powder like substance on hair', but it really does work.

This sponge, man. Oh my. I've never really steered far from my brushes, unless it is to use my fingers to apply my base, but this sponge is a game changer. The finish is super natural and it works seamlessly on lighter bases, my usual daily go-to. I actually find that my oily skin is kept at bay when using this application method, like it moulds to my skin rather than laying on top - if that makes sense at all? The flat side is typically used for all over and the pointed nip for under the eyes, but I tend to just do as I please - and I haven't reached for my brushes since.

I've been looking for an analogue watch to alternate from my digital Casio and Cluse has an awesome range, which I managed to narrow down to just one. I adore the clean, classic and minimal style to this watch and it really can be paired with any outfit.

Radio 1 Big Weekend
Yes, I'm still harping on about Big Weekend! How could I not? I was just metres away from TayTay. If you do fancy more of my ramblings, I of course typed up a post with lots of snippets from the 2 days! 

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  1. Love the watch, definitely a great choice and of course, Fairy Drops is something I neeeeeeeed

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. I need to get my hands on a grown up watch! I'm still talking about Big Weekend too, it was just so amazing :)

    Kate xo //


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