Sunday, 31 May 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: May!

It's that time again, where I pull together a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout the month and pop them into a chatty favourites post. Here is Mays helping:

Denim Jacket
This vintage denim was originally a jacket that belonged to Adam, but after our first few months together I somewhat took at as my own and it's making an appearance again now the warm(ish) weather is kicking in. It is a little oversized, which is perfect for this style of denim and I've also added a rolled sleeve. 1, because they're super long and it clearly looks like I'm wearing my boyfriends jacket, and 2, because I it adds to that 'thrown on' effortless vibe. You can see it in action in this post.

I've been wearing this ever since it landed on my doorstep and it is honestly the best mascara I've ever owned. Full, thick AND curled lashes - no word of a lie. For more details, head over to my review!

Since cutting my hair shorter, the natural thickness of my hair has created bounce and body, rather than weight, so I usually let it do it's own thing rather than try to tame it. In fact, I even like to encourage it a little in the oomph department and this powder is fantastic for adding texture and body. I never really caught on to the whole 'sprinkle talcum powder like substance on hair', but it really does work.

This sponge, man. Oh my. I've never really steered far from my brushes, unless it is to use my fingers to apply my base, but this sponge is a game changer. The finish is super natural and it works seamlessly on lighter bases, my usual daily go-to. I actually find that my oily skin is kept at bay when using this application method, like it moulds to my skin rather than laying on top - if that makes sense at all? The flat side is typically used for all over and the pointed nip for under the eyes, but I tend to just do as I please - and I haven't reached for my brushes since.

I've been looking for an analogue watch to alternate from my digital Casio and Cluse has an awesome range, which I managed to narrow down to just one. I adore the clean, classic and minimal style to this watch and it really can be paired with any outfit.

Radio 1 Big Weekend
Yes, I'm still harping on about Big Weekend! How could I not? I was just metres away from TayTay. If you do fancy more of my ramblings, I of course typed up a post with lots of snippets from the 2 days! 

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Radio1 Big Weekend Highlights

Happy hump day! I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far? edging closer to the weekend, once again! Although, I'm still slightly recovering from last weekend and sneaking in naps when I can - I swear my body feels like it's 90 - but I thought I'd share just exactly what I got up to whilst at the Radio 1 Big Weekend and my highlights from the line up! Which, I might add, was all caught on my iphone in between dancing sessions, so apologies for the lesser quality...

The weekend kicked off for Adam and I in the BBC Introducing tent with a set from Kill It Kid - Think classic rock infused with a heady case of the blues. The band are actually local to Norwich but spend a lot of time touring Europe, so to see them on home turf was a treat. Even though I've had the pleasure of meeting them a few times, this was my first time seeing them play, and they didn't disappoint! Awesome! A set from Kill It Kid was the best way to jump start my weekend! 'I'll be the first' is a song you can't help but move to. 

There was time to squeeze in a quick Bullitt burger (there is always time) and we were off to watch Mallory Knox at the In New Music We Trust tent. They are a 5 piece alternative rock band and are actually another local group from just down the road in Cambridge. It was Adam that really wanted to make this set, but I think I got into it more than him! I recognised a couple of their songs once they started playing ('Shout AtThe Moon' & 'Getaway'and it was one of my favourite sets of the weekend. I'm actually listening to them whilst I type this post.

Over the 2 days we also caught Snoop Dogg (I wasn't actually in the tent, but I could see him so that counts, right?), Florence and the Machine, Fall Out Boy (Adam was in his element reliving his teenage years), and a great set from man-of-the-moment James Bay - but it was all about the babe that is Taylor Swift. Oh Yes. It felt as though the whole weekend had built up to her - forgive me, Foo Fighters - and the main stage was packedOf course, I used this opportunity to sing to my hearts content, my deafening notes thankfully muffled by crowd noise, and really not caring about the 25,000 people surrounding me, I pulled some shapes!

I have to say how amazing it was that Norwich got to host such a huge event like The Big Weekend, but most importantly I think my city done R1 proud.

Did you get tickets for Radio 1's Big Weekend? I hope you had an awesome time!

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Saturday, 23 May 2015


If you're reading this then thank you for coming over, despite the unexciting name of this post, but although I'm not MIA as such I am in fact AFK (Away from Keyboard) for the weekend - Yes, I'm leaving the house. 

Radio 1's Big Weekend is in my home town of Norwich this year, and I was lucky enough to get tickets to attend both days. So, if you fancy following what I get up to, the sets I see and the food that gets eaten, you can catch it all over on my instagram > @eternal_sunday. I'll be posting bits from throughout the weekend!

Happy Bank Holiday!

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Little Provence Box

My Little Provence Box
This months themed box is fuelling my need to jump on a plane and jet off into the summer sun for some r&r. A mini trip to Provence, preciously packed alongside L'Occitane, a brand which has it's roots in the city, this MLB is the true French pairing. With all the products needed to treat skin before we bare all for summer, and a My Little World read for the journey...

As much as I was I were on holiday right now, the reality is the I'm repeating the daily tasks of life. So this shower gel with the Fresh Aqua scents that take me straight to the Mediterranean. At least for 15 minutes in the morning...

Verbena Body Lotion
This lotion is so fresh smelling and super lightweight which means it's great for this time of year, but still packs moisture. With organic verbena and nourishing grape seed oil it left me legs feeling super soft after hopping out of the shower this morning.  
On first look, I actually thought this was mud soap, but this bar contains more crushed Verbena flower with a citrus twist. I'm yet to use it, but described as as soapy cleanser and exfoliator that eliminates dryness whilst smoothing rough skin, I'm looking forward to testing this one out.

I've just ran out of my Caudalie hand cream from the MyLittleSuperbox, so I was happy to spot this rose scented miniature. Although very miniature, a little does go a long way, and as with all these L'Occitane products, it is a really light formulae and leaves behind no greasy residue, just well treated skin.

After loving the pencil bluff from the My Little Beauty range in a previous box, I'm more than happy to receive this eye pencil. It works in the same way as their bluff, in crayon form with a twisty bottom and can be applied all over the lid, or as a smudged liner. The neutral bold brown shade is super wearable, and after first swatch, has amazing staying power.

DIY Bracelet
Jewellery never goes a miss, and I love that you have to get involved to make this piece. There are a few different ways to thread, which are shown in the My Little World magazine for those of us with fiddly fingers, and when I have some time to get crafty I'll post the end result! I must admit, though, blue is not my colour of choice, so I'll be picking up some Spring pastel shades to finish it off!

Also in sweetly packaged is the 'My Little Provence Doll Magnets'. These magnets send me back to my childhood and I've already put this lady together on my metal sideboard. I love the illustrations that surround the MLB branding, so she's a firm favourite. 

Have you booked your summer holiday yet? Let me live vicariously through you!

Until next month...

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Coffee & Doughnuts

Once again, being blessed with clear skies and sunshine on a bank holiday meant I was eager to get out of the house and soak up the most of the weekend weather. Taking it easy and strolling with no particular plans in mind lead us to our first stop - Kofra, our local coffee joint. With Adam being somewhat of a coffee connoisseur, it's one of his favourite spots in the city to grab a one - particularly iced in the summer - and to be honest, even though I don't tend to drink coffee (or tea!) I'm rather partial to a few sips myself. 

The best bit about our visit? The discovery that they have started selling doughnuts *dribbles*. We opted to share a 'Salted Caramel & Banana' (soon wishing I'd had one to myself) and of course, engulfed it far too quickly to take a photograph - blogger fail - but I can assure you, it was what dreams are made of. They were baked by DoughnutLab and for the mouth watering visuals, you can check out their Instagram. Trouble is, Kofra is on my way to work, and I do love doughnuts...

What I'm wearing - 
Denim Jacket - Vintage / Top - Whistles (last season) / Trousers - ASOS / Trainers - Adidas /  Bag - COS (last season)

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

"Do You Normally Wear Mascara?"

Thank you to my boyfriend for inspiring the title of this post, a quote from him one morning after I'd freshly coated my lashes in the Fairdrops Scandal Queen Mascara, and I'd say this is proof that the time spent trying to track down the notoriously difficult Fairydrops was well worth it - right? (shout out to the Cult Beauty waiting list) I don't usually give in to 'hypes', or invest a huge bucks in a beauty product that is not a foundation (because with oily/combination skin, sometimes money needs to be spent) but I'm yet to find a mascara that hits the spot and isn't a pain in the arse to remove. After hearing Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup rave about this product, and the girl knows her mascaras, I thought I'd give it a whirl. With the promise of thicker and longer lashes that hold a curl, I was on board with this product before it even came through my letter box.

First thoughts? I think this product is awesome. The packaging is an absolute winner and this product has kept to all of it's promises - adding a good ol' curl and then some! Fairydrops was created by Aya Yasude after she found herself cutting away at her own wands to create the perfect shape. Unlike any other brush I've used, there are 3 spherical balls along a curved wand with tiny fibres that run the length of it, they do the job of making you look like you have more lashes than you do - genius. The curve pushes things upwards in the right direction, whilst working into both corners of the eye to fill things out. As for the coat? I find one for the day does the job, but it can definitely be layered upHowever, what I will say is that after application I can sometimes feel like I have something in my eye? This may be a pesky fibre off the brush - who knows, as I can never actually spot anything on closer eye inspection - but I just blink it off and all is well. When it comes down to the removal, don't be afraid of the word 'waterproof' - there are no issues to be found here! 

So, to sum up, all the rumours you heard were true - this beauty is bloody brilliant. 

Have you managed to get your hands on a tube? 

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