Sunday, 12 April 2015

Soft Spring Styling

Flashback to a few days ago in London, where I just about pulled myself together for some outfit shots - with help from the lovely Kristina from Cupcakes & Creepers. You see - I'm sick. Big time sick. Typing this now from a slumber which consists of tissues and vapour rub (Having Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S flash backs - It's really not sexy) I'm glad this is the only version of me you'll be seeing today - aha! But, anyway...

I hopped onto a train to London on Friday for the #SLBloggerBash (Post to come on this when I'm in some state of conciousness) and in the week I had grabbed myself some new pieces for the occasion - naturally. The weather forecast was promising highs of 21, so I was thinking pastels, particularly soft pinks. This was a strange thought for me, as I can't recall a time in my wardrobe where I've owned a remotely pastel piece of clothing, let alone this shade, but in the name of branching out I picked up this shirt from H&M and I love it. I was trying to stay away from any shirt that looked to utility, but still had breast pockets, and I found the answer. I even enjoy the concealed button detailing (super annoying when you have a nice shirt with odd buttons - just me?) lends a hand to making this a clean piece with tonnes of styling options.

Also, in the name of Spring/Summer wardrobes, I picked up a pair of white leather Superga's. I think this leather style are exclusive to The White Company, and when I spotted tham I was like 'YES'. Not being a huge fan of the canvas Superga's (they were everywhere last summer, but I was still in the Converse stage of my wardrobe) I'm happy I found they're better half. WARNING - they cut like a b***h. Not the smartest of choices to break them in on a day out to London, but I know they'll become soft with wear - I'll just have to keep plasters handy for a little longer. Completely worth it though, because I think they look awesome! Thoughts?

What I'm Wearing -
Coat/Topshop (Similar)  Shirt/H&M (Similar) Jeans/Topshop  Trainers/Superga  Glasses/Toni&Guy  
Necklace/LisaAngel (Blog post) Watch/Casio

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  1. Love this shirt and it is such a gorgeous colour! :) <3 Gisforgingers xx

  2. It took a lot of hunting down! A great introduction for me into wearing pastels 👌


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