Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Lisa Angel Horizontal Bar Necklace

Yesterday morning I had a surprise package waiting for me on my doorstep (the best way to start the day?) from the lovely ladies down at Lisa Angel! If you had a read over my Lisa Angel Spring Jewellery Launch post, then you'll know I've had my eye on quite a few pieces since the launch night - in particular their horizontal bar necklace - so imagine how over the moon I was to dig into that package and find my very own, personalised horizontal bar necklace!? Stamped with my blog name, 'Eternal Sunday', I think this is such a neat idea. They have a line of these necklaces in various styles and finishes - silver, gold, rose gold - and you can also have yours customised however you like, or leave it plain and simple. It's the perfect item for those minimal Scandi style outfits which need light embellishing with some jewellery, but not overdoing, and can also be rocked with a tee and jeans, to add a dash of femininity. An awesome everyday wearable piece.

Also in my little bundle was this 'From Norwich With Love' by Lisa Angel tote! You know how much I love a useful tote bag - I've worn my Barbican tote to death - and with the map of my city on the front, along with the pastel design - I'll be getting a lot of use out of this in the Spring. 

Thank you to the awesome bunch at Lisa Angel for this treat, I adore it.

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  1. I laaarvs it! It's exactly what I've been after 😸x

  2. That's so cool they put your blog name on it. Love those style of necklaces, they sit well round your neck!

    Sarah | Nosebag NI

  3. Yeah, it's awesome! Such a thoughtful & personal gift. :)

  4. Such a lovely necklace! So dainty! I love how unique and personal it is, one of a kind :)


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