Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bloggers For Your Bookmarks: Part 2

It's time for the second installment of 'Bloggers For Your Bookmarks' - a once monthly serving of the sites that have had me clicking away. There is nothing better than finding a good site to get stuck into and these ladies are top of my list this April...

Site run by Lizzy Hadfield, with daily doses of style, I've been loving the transitional Spring looks that have graced my screen. All outfits are are super wearable (heck - my shopping list has definitely got longer) with a mix of classic cuts, structured pieces and pops of colour - there is a certain Scandinavian style in there which I'm all over. Lizzie has also kicked off an 8 day series set around 4 words and the style surrounding them, with her boyfriend sharing the styling responsibilities (4 of the 8 outfits), and I love this idea! You should definitely head over and check it out! So far, so very good. Would you trust your boyfriend to dress you? 
Me? - I definitely would. 

Amy's blog is a beauty. With deliveries of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel, her site is like a one stop shop for all your inspirational needs. This month I've really enjoyed her Iceland travel posts, the photography was awesome and fed that wanderlust within me, but her outfit posts are some of my favourites. Her style is so versatile, dainty yet rock chick (that's what I'm going with Amy - apologies - aha!), and most certainly always leaves me with outfit envy.

Megan's site is the most recent addition to my Bloglovin blogroll. I found her through my gal pal Ally in Blunderland (Little plug there Al ;)) and I've been enjoying a good kick back with her recent posts from her trip to Bali. (I think we can all tell by now that I need to leave the UK) Once again, the photography drew me in, but I mostly think her blog is awesome because she just seems like the type of girl I'd hang out with - so I can relate to what she's writing and enjoy it all the more.

I welcome more blog recommendations - share the love in the comments below! 

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  1. I love finding new blogs so this is great :)

    I listed blogs I love in my new post which happens to be the Liebster award which I nominated you in :) x

  2. I just discovered your blogs via #lbloggers chat (although I was late and missed it ooops...) I love your header image and your photographs! So well designed. Love Sophie xxx

  3. Oh awesome, I love a good lbloggers chat! Thanks so much - The header was the handy work of my boyfriend! :)


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