Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Day in The Life: Saturday


Hello! I trust you all had a smashing long weekend? I hope so! Back to the daily grind now, but here's one from the weekend >

As we were blessed with sunny skies over the Bank Holiday, and Adam and I both happened to have the weekend off (a rarity with our jobs) we decided to head into town to enjoy the usual joys of Norwich - the shops down the lanes, the food (see picture of the amazing slice we grabbed from an eatery down one of said lanes, and the just as yummy brownie we also consumed), and the quieter picturesque parts of the city. We tend to enjoy just walking and seeing where we end up, but when the weather is clear and the sun is out, we love wondering down the the river. The cobbled streets and colourful houses that live along side it are beautiful - the perfect backdrop for some snaps - and almost feels like time has stood still.

If I'm leaving the house on the weekend I like to keep things comfortable, but presentable. (you don't even want to know what I look like if I'm not venturing out) It can be super hard in this transitional weather, but this is usually achieved by mixing comfort, with smarter pieces. So, my upper body is usually in some sort of jumper or shirt and a lightweight jacket, if the weather allows, paired with loose cut trousers and a trainer. Always a trainer. [Bonus - more details on these Adidas Gazelles in my March Favourites!]


On our route, we ended up at Norwich's walled Cathedral - as we usually do. It's so peaceful, that you wouldn't think you're in the centre of the city, and the crooked streets that split off the green above head down towards the river (pretty much anywhere you're at in Norwich will flow down to the river, as it runs through the city). With Victorian houses that have bunches of character - some of the doors are so tiny, it would seem only a hobbit would inhabit them (Aha!) - it makes for a great stroll.


I hope you all had a crackin' weekend! I'm still tucking into leftover chocolate...

What I'm Wearing - 
Coat/Topshop (Similar)  Jumper/H&M (Similar)  Trousers/Asos  Trainers/Adidas  Tote/Barbican  Glasses/Tony&Guy  Watch/Casio

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  1. Christie O'Gorman9 April 2015 at 16:20

    Just discovered your blog and I love it.
    Beautiful photos. I'm from Norwich and would never have known you'd taken them here. I must explore more!

    Christie x

  2. Wow - thanks so much! It makes me chuffed when I get sweet comments like this :) Finding backgrounds is difficult and do take a searching for! I guess because I wonder down here all the time they've always stood out! Aimless exploring is fun x


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