Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 Pieces Missing From My Spring Wardrobe

With each season major shift of season, I like to take a step back and have a long look at my wardrobe. Note what is there, what needs to go and what may be the potential purchases for the coming months. (You may remember last years Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Stocktake?) With Winter clothes being a certain thing of the past, now we're well into April, the time has come again to see what key pieces I think I'm missing as we head into the the awkward transition weather. When the question is always - "Do I need a coat?"...

1 - Dungarees
I may not have worn dungarees since my toddler years (I'd insert a picture if I had one - aha!) but they seem to be making a huge turn around this year. They've popped up on my instagram feed styled with shirts overtop, stripes underneath, in a way that doesn't resemble a large child - and I'm now convinced I need a pair. Let's just hope in real life, once I'm in the fitting room, they look as good as in my mind!

2 - Spring Duster Coat
Coats are an area of my wardrobe that I fail on. I have next to none - no joke. For me, spending my pennies on a bold yellow coat (as much as I'd love to) just isn't worth the money, as I wont get the wear. So I've been holding out for a coat which is unlike my usual black or navy, still has a bit of length and is super light, and this Topshop piece is just that. Yes, it's grey, not too far off the monochrome spectrum, but it'll be enough to lift my usual outfits from winter to spring.

3 - Denim Jeans
A pair of denim jeans is essential for any wardrobe and my black Topshop Jamies are my usual go-to. But for the warmer weather I'm after some classic denim - a lighter wash and a looser fit. I do struggle with getting the cut right - hence why I'm yet to own a pair. (Pear shaped ladies unite!) and I already feel like this will be an exhausting search - but I'm determined to find the perfect denim. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

4 - Leather Bag
Man, finding the perfect leather bag is a ball ache - am I right? This item is on every shopping list I jot down because I'm yet to find the 'right' one, within my price range. In fact, whenever I'm scrolling through ASOS (basically always), it's the most expensive brands that draw me in. I'm yet to succumb to such a huge investment, but I've been eyeing up the Whistles bags for so long, I'm thinking it might be time to take the plunge? Which one though?? Decisions.

5 - Fedora
Once again, social media has done this one to me. Damn my instagram feed for being full of lavish ladies that pull off hats effortlessly. I can picture a fedora in amongst my wardrobe, worn with various t-shirt and sandal outfits in the sunshine - I just can't picture it on my head - ahaa! This pick is so far out of my comfort zone, but the need is there. I just need to find 'the one'

What items are missing in your wardrobe??

To Buy -
Dungarees - Topshop Black/Indigo  Duster Coat - Topshop (Sold out, but I grabbed one just in time -Similar)  Denim Jeans - Topshop  Backpack - Whistles  Zip Satchel - Whistles  Fedora - Topshop or ASOS

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  1. Oh awesome - that's good to hear! I can imagine they are fun to style! What is the fit like? x

  2. You should definitely get a fedora! I would ware mine all the time if I could :D Gisforgingers xx

  3. I shall, I just need to find the right one! I haven't worn one before so it's a little different for me! So many people wear them so well! x


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