Sunday, 26 April 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: April!

It's that time again, where I pull together a selection of the lifestyle picks that I have been enjoying throughout the month and pop them into a chatty Monthly Favourites. Here is Aprils helping:

For the first couple of weeks of the month I was held up in bed with a virus, and the first thing to suffer (other than my sinuses) was my skin. It was dry around my nose from chronic blowing (excuse the TMI) and generally lacked any life. This Neals Yard balm completely saved my skin and gave my skin the hydration and moisture it needed so badly! There are so many uses for this balm, I've typed a post all about it if you're interested.

I'm not in possession of statement, shapely brows, but I'm always trying in vain to make the best of them. I hadn't tried a brow gel until this L'oreal offering and after using this for a few weeks, I'm not quite sure why! I love that this is a coloured formulae (quite a spot on match to my natural shade) and not just a clear setting gel. The fibres on the brush help fill things out a bit and by the days end my brows are still there - something I've rarely experienced. I tend to use this daily on it's own, or over the top of pencilled in brows on a special occasion - aha! 

This little gem was in my My Little Superbox delivery, a cream lip and cheek hybrid product from their My Little Beauty range. As soon as I swatched it I knew it was such a 'me' shade, yet I didn't have anything like this in my collection?! A mix of peachy pink tonnes,  pop a little bit onto the back of my hand, dab on a stippling brush and pop onto my cheeks. The formulae has fab staying power, but it's a little on the powdery side - so I'm yet to use it on my lips. 

Nothing major has gone on in terms of colour or even the cut, dramatically. But, I switched my hair dresser last month and she done an absolute blinder of a job. I'm always daring to go shorter with my hair (despite my full moon face) and I'm trying to put more effort into styling, and I was just super pleased with the results. A blunt cut that will not doubt get shorter as we head into summer. If you're in the Norwich area and in need of some hair maintenance, check out Katie at The Egg Salon!

Despite the earlier sickness, I managed to haul my arse to London for the #SLBloggerBash. An event held by the lovely Scarlett, with brands such as Urban Outfitters taking the floor and holding various competitions. But it was also an opportunity for me to meat up with a few babes I'd been chatting to over Twitter - shout out to Ally, Lauren, Saida & Kristina - as well as mingle with a few new faces (even though I spent most of the day sniffling and inhailing olbas oil - major bummer). 

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts on ES & I'll keep 'em coming!

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bloggers For Your Bookmarks: Part 2

It's time for the second installment of 'Bloggers For Your Bookmarks' - a once monthly serving of the sites that have had me clicking away. There is nothing better than finding a good site to get stuck into and these ladies are top of my list this April...

Site run by Lizzy Hadfield, with daily doses of style, I've been loving the transitional Spring looks that have graced my screen. All outfits are are super wearable (heck - my shopping list has definitely got longer) with a mix of classic cuts, structured pieces and pops of colour - there is a certain Scandinavian style in there which I'm all over. Lizzie has also kicked off an 8 day series set around 4 words and the style surrounding them, with her boyfriend sharing the styling responsibilities (4 of the 8 outfits), and I love this idea! You should definitely head over and check it out! So far, so very good. Would you trust your boyfriend to dress you? 
Me? - I definitely would. 

Amy's blog is a beauty. With deliveries of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel, her site is like a one stop shop for all your inspirational needs. This month I've really enjoyed her Iceland travel posts, the photography was awesome and fed that wanderlust within me, but her outfit posts are some of my favourites. Her style is so versatile, dainty yet rock chick (that's what I'm going with Amy - apologies - aha!), and most certainly always leaves me with outfit envy.

Megan's site is the most recent addition to my Bloglovin blogroll. I found her through my gal pal Ally in Blunderland (Little plug there Al ;)) and I've been enjoying a good kick back with her recent posts from her trip to Bali. (I think we can all tell by now that I need to leave the UK) Once again, the photography drew me in, but I mostly think her blog is awesome because she just seems like the type of girl I'd hang out with - so I can relate to what she's writing and enjoy it all the more.

I welcome more blog recommendations - share the love in the comments below! 

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Little Dream Box

Waiting impatiently at the door for the postman to arrive (Not unlike a puppy) is what I've been doing for the past week, expectant for the arrival of My Little Box - & here it is. In all it's beauty. 

My Little Dream Box
This months box is all about realising your dreams, making note of them and concurring. Our minds are full of ideas and imagination, we just need to put it into practise and confront our personal challenges. Go get 'em...

Translated to 'Little Star' (a subtle reminder to dream big) this little necklace is so sweet and unlike anything I own. I like the coral coloured thread and the dainty feel, so I think this will look awesome layered amongst other necklaces in the summer. When it came boxed up, it was in a little cloud paper pouch that you had to cut free - an awesome little touch to get you thinking.

Stamped With Love
I am a bit of a stationary sucker, so I love this little stamper. With 12 phrases like '***WOW!***' and 'Don't Stop Me Now!' it'll liven up all of my simple looking notebooks! There is even a '<TO DO>' for when I'm jotting down notes for the day.

Inspired by French actress Lou Lesage, this balm was created for her to be able to apply on the go during hectic days, would go with every outfit and could be worn day and night. I love this idea, as sometimes just a subtle hint of colour is enough to lift your 'face'. I haven't used it yet, but on first look and swatch I think its lovely, it doesn't feel overly sticky and feels super moisturising.

I'm always up for trying out a new body lotion - I lather myself in the stuff after a bath - and I've never tried a Cowshed product before so, winwin! With Lemongrass, ginger and rosemary, the smell reminds me a little of a health food store, but not in a bad way at all. It's refreshing, soothing and sinks into the skin amazingly leaving no sticky residue behind. Of course, it also contains shea butter so leaves my skin feeling nourished and maybe even ready to peel off some of my winter layers for Spring? Just saying.

My Little Beauty Hair Mask
I'm really enjoying the pencil buff that I got in the the last Little Box from their range, so I'm excited to try new products from they're in house range - and a new hair product never goes a miss, does it? Designed to boost moisture in dry ends, you can apply the mask for 2 minutes and then blits with cold water to lock in moisture. With a mix of walnut oil and shea butter - this stuff smells amazing. I'm yet to try but soon. Soon.

Also in the box, a little paper cloud with a link address to MyLittleDreamBox, with the idea that you can type an email to yourself that'll pop up in your inbox 365 days from today! Such a neat idea and a kick up the butt to get me motivated a year from now!

Once again, I'm left super happy with my box of dreamy products. Any that are mega hits will pop up in a Monthly Favourites, I'm sure!

Until next month...

Last Months My Little Super Box.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 Pieces Missing From My Spring Wardrobe

With each season major shift of season, I like to take a step back and have a long look at my wardrobe. Note what is there, what needs to go and what may be the potential purchases for the coming months. (You may remember last years Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Stocktake?) With Winter clothes being a certain thing of the past, now we're well into April, the time has come again to see what key pieces I think I'm missing as we head into the the awkward transition weather. When the question is always - "Do I need a coat?"...

1 - Dungarees
I may not have worn dungarees since my toddler years (I'd insert a picture if I had one - aha!) but they seem to be making a huge turn around this year. They've popped up on my instagram feed styled with shirts overtop, stripes underneath, in a way that doesn't resemble a large child - and I'm now convinced I need a pair. Let's just hope in real life, once I'm in the fitting room, they look as good as in my mind!

2 - Spring Duster Coat
Coats are an area of my wardrobe that I fail on. I have next to none - no joke. For me, spending my pennies on a bold yellow coat (as much as I'd love to) just isn't worth the money, as I wont get the wear. So I've been holding out for a coat which is unlike my usual black or navy, still has a bit of length and is super light, and this Topshop piece is just that. Yes, it's grey, not too far off the monochrome spectrum, but it'll be enough to lift my usual outfits from winter to spring.

3 - Denim Jeans
A pair of denim jeans is essential for any wardrobe and my black Topshop Jamies are my usual go-to. But for the warmer weather I'm after some classic denim - a lighter wash and a looser fit. I do struggle with getting the cut right - hence why I'm yet to own a pair. (Pear shaped ladies unite!) and I already feel like this will be an exhausting search - but I'm determined to find the perfect denim. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

4 - Leather Bag
Man, finding the perfect leather bag is a ball ache - am I right? This item is on every shopping list I jot down because I'm yet to find the 'right' one, within my price range. In fact, whenever I'm scrolling through ASOS (basically always), it's the most expensive brands that draw me in. I'm yet to succumb to such a huge investment, but I've been eyeing up the Whistles bags for so long, I'm thinking it might be time to take the plunge? Which one though?? Decisions.

5 - Fedora
Once again, social media has done this one to me. Damn my instagram feed for being full of lavish ladies that pull off hats effortlessly. I can picture a fedora in amongst my wardrobe, worn with various t-shirt and sandal outfits in the sunshine - I just can't picture it on my head - ahaa! This pick is so far out of my comfort zone, but the need is there. I just need to find 'the one'

What items are missing in your wardrobe??

To Buy -
Dungarees - Topshop Black/Indigo  Duster Coat - Topshop (Sold out, but I grabbed one just in time -Similar)  Denim Jeans - Topshop  Backpack - Whistles  Zip Satchel - Whistles  Fedora - Topshop or ASOS

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Soft Spring Styling

Flashback to a few days ago in London, where I just about pulled myself together for some outfit shots - with help from the lovely Kristina from Cupcakes & Creepers. You see - I'm sick. Big time sick. Typing this now from a slumber which consists of tissues and vapour rub (Having Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S flash backs - It's really not sexy) I'm glad this is the only version of me you'll be seeing today - aha! But, anyway...

I hopped onto a train to London on Friday for the #SLBloggerBash (Post to come on this when I'm in some state of conciousness) and in the week I had grabbed myself some new pieces for the occasion - naturally. The weather forecast was promising highs of 21, so I was thinking pastels, particularly soft pinks. This was a strange thought for me, as I can't recall a time in my wardrobe where I've owned a remotely pastel piece of clothing, let alone this shade, but in the name of branching out I picked up this shirt from H&M and I love it. I was trying to stay away from any shirt that looked to utility, but still had breast pockets, and I found the answer. I even enjoy the concealed button detailing (super annoying when you have a nice shirt with odd buttons - just me?) lends a hand to making this a clean piece with tonnes of styling options.

Also, in the name of Spring/Summer wardrobes, I picked up a pair of white leather Superga's. I think this leather style are exclusive to The White Company, and when I spotted tham I was like 'YES'. Not being a huge fan of the canvas Superga's (they were everywhere last summer, but I was still in the Converse stage of my wardrobe) I'm happy I found they're better half. WARNING - they cut like a b***h. Not the smartest of choices to break them in on a day out to London, but I know they'll become soft with wear - I'll just have to keep plasters handy for a little longer. Completely worth it though, because I think they look awesome! Thoughts?

What I'm Wearing -
Coat/Topshop (Similar)  Shirt/H&M (Similar) Jeans/Topshop  Trainers/Superga  Glasses/Toni&Guy  
Necklace/LisaAngel (Blog post) Watch/Casio

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Day in The Life: Saturday


Hello! I trust you all had a smashing long weekend? I hope so! Back to the daily grind now, but here's one from the weekend >

As we were blessed with sunny skies over the Bank Holiday, and Adam and I both happened to have the weekend off (a rarity with our jobs) we decided to head into town to enjoy the usual joys of Norwich - the shops down the lanes, the food (see picture of the amazing slice we grabbed from an eatery down one of said lanes, and the just as yummy brownie we also consumed), and the quieter picturesque parts of the city. We tend to enjoy just walking and seeing where we end up, but when the weather is clear and the sun is out, we love wondering down the the river. The cobbled streets and colourful houses that live along side it are beautiful - the perfect backdrop for some snaps - and almost feels like time has stood still.

If I'm leaving the house on the weekend I like to keep things comfortable, but presentable. (you don't even want to know what I look like if I'm not venturing out) It can be super hard in this transitional weather, but this is usually achieved by mixing comfort, with smarter pieces. So, my upper body is usually in some sort of jumper or shirt and a lightweight jacket, if the weather allows, paired with loose cut trousers and a trainer. Always a trainer. [Bonus - more details on these Adidas Gazelles in my March Favourites!]


On our route, we ended up at Norwich's walled Cathedral - as we usually do. It's so peaceful, that you wouldn't think you're in the centre of the city, and the crooked streets that split off the green above head down towards the river (pretty much anywhere you're at in Norwich will flow down to the river, as it runs through the city). With Victorian houses that have bunches of character - some of the doors are so tiny, it would seem only a hobbit would inhabit them (Aha!) - it makes for a great stroll.


I hope you all had a crackin' weekend! I'm still tucking into leftover chocolate...

What I'm Wearing - 
Coat/Topshop (Similar)  Jumper/H&M (Similar)  Trousers/Asos  Trainers/Adidas  Tote/Barbican  Glasses/Tony&Guy  Watch/Casio

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Lisa Angel Horizontal Bar Necklace

Yesterday morning I had a surprise package waiting for me on my doorstep (the best way to start the day?) from the lovely ladies down at Lisa Angel! If you had a read over my Lisa Angel Spring Jewellery Launch post, then you'll know I've had my eye on quite a few pieces since the launch night - in particular their horizontal bar necklace - so imagine how over the moon I was to dig into that package and find my very own, personalised horizontal bar necklace!? Stamped with my blog name, 'Eternal Sunday', I think this is such a neat idea. They have a line of these necklaces in various styles and finishes - silver, gold, rose gold - and you can also have yours customised however you like, or leave it plain and simple. It's the perfect item for those minimal Scandi style outfits which need light embellishing with some jewellery, but not overdoing, and can also be rocked with a tee and jeans, to add a dash of femininity. An awesome everyday wearable piece.

Also in my little bundle was this 'From Norwich With Love' by Lisa Angel tote! You know how much I love a useful tote bag - I've worn my Barbican tote to death - and with the map of my city on the front, along with the pastel design - I'll be getting a lot of use out of this in the Spring. 

Thank you to the awesome bunch at Lisa Angel for this treat, I adore it.

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