Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Trafalgar Square


You really can't beat a London backdrop - can you? These snaps have been waiting to be published since my last London trip, though I didn't want to launch 1000x London themed posts in your direction at once! Anyway, if you couldn't already tell, we shot these whilst hanging around Trafalgar Square, making the most of the dry weather we'd been blessed with. (However, that bright sky is deceiving - it was bloody freezing.)

I must say, Trafalgar has to be one of the places in London is wish I went to more often. I really like the grandness of it all and the hustle and bustle of street well as the Whole Foods I discovered just around the corner. FYI - Best burrito of my life. 


Wow. Just look at that crazy pigeon lady right there. - Mary Poppins flashbacks - and that bobble hat just tops it right off - doesn't it? Despite looking like the happiest girl on earth (not because of the pigeons, I might add), I was ridiculously (h)angry before this snap. No breakfast, despite trying to scope out a spot for an hour or so, makes for a very irritable Emily. 

Coat, Bag, Scarf & Hat - Old Seasons.
Jumper / H&M Jeans / Topshop Shoes / Topshop


  1. Great photos and I love your outfit x

  2. Beautiful shots. I spent over a year in London but I often wonder where the time went and how I spent it. Looking back, you always wish you'd done more. I really miss it. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Thankyou! :) Time does just seem to disappear! I'm not sure I could live in London, as much as I love the city - I couldn't handle the hustle and bustle! x


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