Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What's in My Barbican Tote Bag?

In my 'A Beautiful Day at The Barbican' post a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I picked up a pretty sweet tote whilst snooping around The Barbican Centre gift shop and I've been using it to carry around my 'essentials' every day since. So, long story short (I do like to babble) here's a 'What's in My Barbican Tote Bag'...


  • Wild. I've yet to get too far into this book, so the jury is still out on this one! But what I will say is that the first 3 pages have been great! Ha! This book is also this months #buttonsbookshelf on Essie Buttons Youtube channel (I'm obviously lagging behind), you any of you currently reading along?
  • Specs. Essential for daily needing-to-see issues. I love these frames, so much so, I'm going to have to pick myself up another pair for summer! (I realise how that sounds, but If you're a glasses gal then you'll understand!)
  • iPhone. I recently updated to the white 5s and I love.
  • Wallet. This orange number was actually in my first (and only, come to think of it) WIMH last year (a little throwback there to one of my first ever blog posts - awh!) and it's still going strong. A Topshop number that has all the sections, compartments and hidden pockets that I could ever need.
  • Pouch. I don't tend to carry many products around with me as I slap my make-up on in the morning and it is with me for the long haul. But, I always have a new bits and bobs floating around in my bag. Adam picked me up this pouch from Tiger and I think its awesome - what do you think? In it I have...


  • Fragrance. I appreciate that Jo Malone do these handy 30ml bottles to pop in your handbag. I'm currently wearing Vanilla & Anise. A slightly masculine spicy scent with a feminine edge - like that even describes the scent at all? pah!
  • Tangle Teezer. I brush my hair way too often. I know it's bad for my barnet but I have such thickness to my hair that it needs putting back in it's place.
My earphones and keys disappeared during the making of this post...

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