Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bloggers For Your Bookmarks: Part 1

With Valentines day fast approaching I think it's about time I share the love! Ohh yes. These past few weeks I've stumbled across an array of lovely ladies to add to my blogroll (sometimes I have a crazy hour where I get lost in Bloglovin...) and I've discovered some absolute gems through the weekly #lbloggers chats! (Hey, if you've found me after this evenings chat! ;) ) Finding a good site to get stuck into means I've been waving most of my evenings goodbye, but all these ladies are worth it.
SO, on to the good stuff -

I Go By Frankie
I think I learnt everything I needed to about Freddie by the time I finished reading her bio! As an ASOS personal stylist, her fashion orientated blog is as you would expect - so on point. Her ability to meet smart with super casual is something I envy and the mix of patterns and prints are always a blast too! If I had the £££ I'd be feeling very spendy.

I love the fresh and classic look of Brittany's blog, so inviting, especially alongside her sweet images. Her beauty posts are a treat (as a lady trying to shake up her makeup  I'm in awe of her ability to rock a rusty red smokey eye) and her lifestyle posts just as yummy. An awesome blog for a light Sunday read, snuggled up on the sofa. Have a pen and paper ready to rack up a beauty shopping list, though! 

Imagery is something that really hits me when I'm clicking through blogs and Cat's stopped me in my tracks! So. Much. Colour. Her snaps are vibrant and crisp - especially those of her 'Our Flat: Part 1' & 'Part 2' - it was enough to make me want to move in. Especially her adorable ginger cat...Oh god. Anyway, her images are always caught at the perfect angles and you can tell just how much passion goes into each and every one. 

If these ladies aren't in your bookmarks, then they definitely should be! 


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