Sunday, 8 February 2015

An Evening At The Theatre


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending my evening with Nicole Scherzinger - jokes - I was just a member of the audience - at the Palladium Theatre in London to watch Cats The Musical. Rejoice! As I mentioned in my Packing For A One Night City Break post, Adam presented me with tickets for the musical on Christmas day (within a beautiful Whistles clutch, I might add) and all amount of crying was had (Yep, she's a crier). I was fascinated by the Cats as a kid, all the costumes, the dancing and the strange songs that were nothing like that of my usual Disney movie. In true 90's form, I had it on video, and I would play it every weekend. So, to see the whole show play out right in-front of me was truly magical! All the characters were just as beautiful as I remembered and the music just as odd. 

Adam and I got a little fancy for the occasion and I got to wear a few pieces I'd been keeping 'for best' - Please tell me I'm not the only girl who does this? That new Whistles clutch made it's d├ębut - isn't she a beauty? - and the necklace was a birthday gift from Adam. It's such an unusual piece, that is actually double sided (the other side being white), and I luurvs it.

I obviously can't put this post live without mentioning Nicole. She was - dare I say it? - "Schermazing"! Her last performance date was yesterday, so I'm super pleased that I managed to catch a glimpse of her she as Grizabella! She has a pair of lungs on her, for sure, and there was such a strong and beautiful sound to her voice. Not to mention that she was looking like a total babe, as always, even dressed as a dishevelled cat. 

Have you seen Cats? Lets discuss!

Outfit Details -
Shirt - Topshop Necklace - COS (Out of stock) Clutch - Whistles (Similar)


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