Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Beautiful Day At The Barbican





If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know that last week I made a trip to London with the other half in toe - I jest, he loves it - for a quick overnight stay. Other than hitting up many burger bars (how many can you fit into 2 days you ask? I'm ashamed to tell) we made our first stop at the beautiful Barbican, London's major arts venue. Holding exhibitions and events accross all art forms. I always remember going on school trips to such places and sluggishly following the teacher totally unimpressed with the ordeal, but, obviously as I've got older (and wiser - paha!) I can now appreciate the experience and do quite enjoy an architectural building or even an exhibition or 2!

Before we went I was completely unaware that people lived in the complex! Each balcony was filled with beautiful plantation - this was a selling point for me as you know I love a good bit of foliage - and the grounds were also filled with life. (I'll have to make a note to return on a day when the Barbican Conservatory is open - who here has been? I hear its awesome!) The lighting casting over the whole building was perfect for a few snaps - it's what we do, right? - and I don't think I there would ever be a better backdrop for some shots? So much so that I hope to get some printed for our house! (I have a general lack of getting any developed and leave them sitting on my computer. This needs rectifying.)

Now, the gift shop. Yes. I still get excited about this, always being the best part of said school trip, and this time was no different! It was definitely the gift shop of my dreams (A bit much? Ha!) selling all the asymmetric printed, rose gold covered, and Scandi style concrete objects a girl could ask for. I obviously had to pick up a piece of memorabilia (the concrete holder was a bit out of my price range *sobs*) whilst browsing and I picked up a sweet black and white tote bag with BARBICAN across the front. (Bonus point that it was such a trend worthy piece and possibly the only thing I could afford, but at the low low price of £3 ;)) I'm currently toting it about everyday, so no doubt it'll make an appearance on this corner of the 'net soon! 






I love a good little adventure like this with Adam - More post like this coming at ya next week!

The majority of this is old season - I suck. But...
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