Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Binge Watching

If you're reading this post then I'm going to assume that I've lured you in with the potential supplying of a good TV fix - and you'd be right! I'm definitely the type of person who loves a good binge - and yes, I'm also referring to the contents of my cupboards - and I can handle hours on end of a good boxset - although, I promise, I do venture outdoors sometimes ;)
For me, Sunday's are the perfect day to play catch up, so I thought I'd share with you the television series that I have previously binged on, or am currently watching on the regular. 

  • Girls. I didn't start watching Girls until last year, and I'm so glad I waited for a few seasons to be released before pressing play on Season 1 EP 1. For, I went crazy. This series perfectly captures the no man's land of most peoples lives whilst rocking their 20's. The timeline of the series can be a little hard to grasp at first, sometimes episodes are set within days of each other, other times weeks or months can have passed between two episodes with little explanation of why things have suddenly changed, or where they're all at. However, every time I watch an episode, it's pretty much like watching real life and catching up with your girlfriends! 
  • Orange is The New Black. This Netflix original time is awesome. Kind of like the US version of 'Bad Girls'? (aha!) and I watched The 1st & 2nd Season super quick. Now waiting on Season 3... Goodbye daylight, for 2 days, at least.
  • 2 Broke Girls. Isn't Kat Dennings just a babe? These 2BG, living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Max, ballsy and broke. Caroline, recently broke after a scandal involving her rich father - strike an unlikely friendship and aim for success by starting a business, all whilst working nights in a diner.
  • The Vampire Diaries. I started watching TVD when I was a teen and it's my guilty pleasure. A few years back when it ran on TV it was always in fits and starts - but I've stuck with it! But to be honest, it's all about Ian Somerhalder - am I right? (No? Just me...)
  • The Walking Dead. Post apocalyptic zombie drama that has me hooked. Every week I'm scrunched up in bed on the edge of a breakdown - such drama. Also, Daryl is the man - right? Who's you're favourite character?
  • Gotham. Any OC fans out there? Then you have to watch Gotham. Ben Mckenzie plays the role of Jim Gordon in this Pre-Batman crime fighting spin off. I've never watched the whole batman trilogy, but I'm still able to follow the storyline and I think it's ace. Think along the lines of CSI...but with a huge dose of added weirdness! Adam is well versed in Batman (I think most boys are!) and he loves the show for the clever 'origins' hints that are regularly dropped - then informs me of what's happening - aha!
  • Dexter. Speaking of origins, I think Dexter was one of the first of this new breed of TV, long before Breaking Bad (which I still haven't seen??) that had us rooting for the anti hero, Dexter had us questioning our morality with his "unique" way of vigilante crime fighting. I think I finished the whole 9 Seasons of Dexter in a matter of weeks (I told you, when I binge - I really do) and I must admit, between you and me, I wept at the end. Like a baby. In fact, if you've ever seen Dexter - please let me know I'm not alone here. Just a massive emotional wreck...

Please do recommend what series I should sink my teeth into next! I'm thinking 'True Detective'...? (Guilty of loving a bit of Woody Harrelson)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What's in My Barbican Tote Bag?

In my 'A Beautiful Day at The Barbican' post a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I picked up a pretty sweet tote whilst snooping around The Barbican Centre gift shop and I've been using it to carry around my 'essentials' every day since. So, long story short (I do like to babble) here's a 'What's in My Barbican Tote Bag'...


  • Wild. I've yet to get too far into this book, so the jury is still out on this one! But what I will say is that the first 3 pages have been great! Ha! This book is also this months #buttonsbookshelf on Essie Buttons Youtube channel (I'm obviously lagging behind), you any of you currently reading along?
  • Specs. Essential for daily needing-to-see issues. I love these frames, so much so, I'm going to have to pick myself up another pair for summer! (I realise how that sounds, but If you're a glasses gal then you'll understand!)
  • iPhone. I recently updated to the white 5s and I love.
  • Wallet. This orange number was actually in my first (and only, come to think of it) WIMH last year (a little throwback there to one of my first ever blog posts - awh!) and it's still going strong. A Topshop number that has all the sections, compartments and hidden pockets that I could ever need.
  • Pouch. I don't tend to carry many products around with me as I slap my make-up on in the morning and it is with me for the long haul. But, I always have a new bits and bobs floating around in my bag. Adam picked me up this pouch from Tiger and I think its awesome - what do you think? In it I have...


  • Fragrance. I appreciate that Jo Malone do these handy 30ml bottles to pop in your handbag. I'm currently wearing Vanilla & Anise. A slightly masculine spicy scent with a feminine edge - like that even describes the scent at all? pah!
  • Tangle Teezer. I brush my hair way too often. I know it's bad for my barnet but I have such thickness to my hair that it needs putting back in it's place.
My earphones and keys disappeared during the making of this post...

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bloggers For Your Bookmarks: Part 1

With Valentines day fast approaching I think it's about time I share the love! Ohh yes. These past few weeks I've stumbled across an array of lovely ladies to add to my blogroll (sometimes I have a crazy hour where I get lost in Bloglovin...) and I've discovered some absolute gems through the weekly #lbloggers chats! (Hey, if you've found me after this evenings chat! ;) ) Finding a good site to get stuck into means I've been waving most of my evenings goodbye, but all these ladies are worth it.
SO, on to the good stuff -

I Go By Frankie
I think I learnt everything I needed to about Freddie by the time I finished reading her bio! As an ASOS personal stylist, her fashion orientated blog is as you would expect - so on point. Her ability to meet smart with super casual is something I envy and the mix of patterns and prints are always a blast too! If I had the £££ I'd be feeling very spendy.

I love the fresh and classic look of Brittany's blog, so inviting, especially alongside her sweet images. Her beauty posts are a treat (as a lady trying to shake up her makeup  I'm in awe of her ability to rock a rusty red smokey eye) and her lifestyle posts just as yummy. An awesome blog for a light Sunday read, snuggled up on the sofa. Have a pen and paper ready to rack up a beauty shopping list, though! 

Imagery is something that really hits me when I'm clicking through blogs and Cat's stopped me in my tracks! So. Much. Colour. Her snaps are vibrant and crisp - especially those of her 'Our Flat: Part 1' & 'Part 2' - it was enough to make me want to move in. Especially her adorable ginger cat...Oh god. Anyway, her images are always caught at the perfect angles and you can tell just how much passion goes into each and every one. 

If these ladies aren't in your bookmarks, then they definitely should be! 


Monday, 9 February 2015

A New Face For Eternal Sunday

Goood morning! I trust you all had a lovely weekend? I personally had a particularity chilled one, but I'm back too it this Monday morning! (Well, I did write this post last night so who knows if I've got my butt in gear yet) Thanks for stopping by this morning, if you're a regular visitor here (+ thank you!) then you may have noticed a big change to the Eternal Sunday blog design!? When it comes to my little space on the internet, I'm always wanting the site to grow with the vibe of my posts and readers, as well as mimicking what Eternal Sunday stands for - but HTML codes fog my brain, man. There was always so much I wanted to do with Eternal Sunday but I didn't know how, that's when I discovered Pipdig! An awesome sight that offers many blog design templates starting at £29 + a super easy installation process! The guys over at Pipdig done the whole installation set up for Eternal Sunday over at their end and were the most accommodating bunch! I'm SO happy with the results and I have already found that more of you are coming over and having a peek at what's up - so it was definitely worth it! As well as loving it myself, I want you lovely lot to find it a pleasure to stop by for a quick read! After all, that's what the Eternal Sunday vibe is all about...

It would be sweet to get more conversations going on here and on my Twitter as I love checking out your sites and having a general natter! You know how it is. So please do holla at me your thoughts on the new design, and whilst we're here, if there is anything in particular you'd like to see pop up around these parts, I'm all ears...


Sunday, 8 February 2015

An Evening At The Theatre


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending my evening with Nicole Scherzinger - jokes - I was just a member of the audience - at the Palladium Theatre in London to watch Cats The Musical. Rejoice! As I mentioned in my Packing For A One Night City Break post, Adam presented me with tickets for the musical on Christmas day (within a beautiful Whistles clutch, I might add) and all amount of crying was had (Yep, she's a crier). I was fascinated by the Cats as a kid, all the costumes, the dancing and the strange songs that were nothing like that of my usual Disney movie. In true 90's form, I had it on video, and I would play it every weekend. So, to see the whole show play out right in-front of me was truly magical! All the characters were just as beautiful as I remembered and the music just as odd. 

Adam and I got a little fancy for the occasion and I got to wear a few pieces I'd been keeping 'for best' - Please tell me I'm not the only girl who does this? That new Whistles clutch made it's d├ębut - isn't she a beauty? - and the necklace was a birthday gift from Adam. It's such an unusual piece, that is actually double sided (the other side being white), and I luurvs it.

I obviously can't put this post live without mentioning Nicole. She was - dare I say it? - "Schermazing"! Her last performance date was yesterday, so I'm super pleased that I managed to catch a glimpse of her she as Grizabella! She has a pair of lungs on her, for sure, and there was such a strong and beautiful sound to her voice. Not to mention that she was looking like a total babe, as always, even dressed as a dishevelled cat. 

Have you seen Cats? Lets discuss!

Outfit Details -
Shirt - Topshop Necklace - COS (Out of stock) Clutch - Whistles (Similar)


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Beautiful Day At The Barbican





If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know that last week I made a trip to London with the other half in toe - I jest, he loves it - for a quick overnight stay. Other than hitting up many burger bars (how many can you fit into 2 days you ask? I'm ashamed to tell) we made our first stop at the beautiful Barbican, London's major arts venue. Holding exhibitions and events accross all art forms. I always remember going on school trips to such places and sluggishly following the teacher totally unimpressed with the ordeal, but, obviously as I've got older (and wiser - paha!) I can now appreciate the experience and do quite enjoy an architectural building or even an exhibition or 2!

Before we went I was completely unaware that people lived in the complex! Each balcony was filled with beautiful plantation - this was a selling point for me as you know I love a good bit of foliage - and the grounds were also filled with life. (I'll have to make a note to return on a day when the Barbican Conservatory is open - who here has been? I hear its awesome!) The lighting casting over the whole building was perfect for a few snaps - it's what we do, right? - and I don't think I there would ever be a better backdrop for some shots? So much so that I hope to get some printed for our house! (I have a general lack of getting any developed and leave them sitting on my computer. This needs rectifying.)

Now, the gift shop. Yes. I still get excited about this, always being the best part of said school trip, and this time was no different! It was definitely the gift shop of my dreams (A bit much? Ha!) selling all the asymmetric printed, rose gold covered, and Scandi style concrete objects a girl could ask for. I obviously had to pick up a piece of memorabilia (the concrete holder was a bit out of my price range *sobs*) whilst browsing and I picked up a sweet black and white tote bag with BARBICAN across the front. (Bonus point that it was such a trend worthy piece and possibly the only thing I could afford, but at the low low price of £3 ;)) I'm currently toting it about everyday, so no doubt it'll make an appearance on this corner of the 'net soon! 






I love a good little adventure like this with Adam - More post like this coming at ya next week!

The majority of this is old season - I suck. But...
Jumper / H&M Jeans / Topshop Shoes / Topshop

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Juicy Skin With The Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

How have I not discovered rosehip oil before now? With my whole skincare routine aimed at calming pesky redness it's a wonder how I've never added this product into my routine - but times are changing! I've found the missing link in my oily/combination skincare routine (Winter LOVES to do its best to dehydrate this face!) and the futures looking rosey (Aha! Ahem).

Introducing the Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm:
If you're unfamiliar with rosehip oil, it's a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush and is an antioxidant, so works wonders in repairing the skins layers and calming down scaring and redness. Anyway, this cleansing balm contains high levels of rosehip (as well as geranium, starflow, hemp and rosemary oil) and after using the balm for a few weeks, I've noticed that my skin has settled down and things are looking a lot more juicy!
Asif adding a little extra oopmh to your skincare routine wasnt enough it can also be put to work as a deeply nourishing facial treatment (my personal fave) or a light exfoliant - so you can slip it into your own skincare routine any which way...which you definitely should.

 There is a high possibility I'll be adding a rosehip serum into my routine to really oopmh things up! I'm officially converted. Let me know your thoughts!

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