Sunday, 4 January 2015

Windswept Walks in Wells-Next-The-Sea


A little impromptu post today from a trip home to visit family over the new year. The camera didn't come with because I wasn't planning on photographing anything, until we took a little wonder to Wells-Next-The-Sea (A seaside town along the Norfolk coastline) on New Years Day! So, excuse the iPhone photos and shameless windswept selfie - my trusty photographer wasn't with me.

Wells has to be my favourite coastal village, with it's cutsey houses all individually painted in pastel colouring (damn me for not providing a visual, I was too 'in the moment') and a classic chippy that always has a queue stumbling out of the doorway. We took a walk down the long stretch of road leading from the harbour to the beach - which also has a woods running along behind it, hidden rope swings and everything. Childhood flashbacks.- and Adam and I enjoyed this walk last year when we ventured this way in the summer, then spent the afternoon lazying on the beach and flying kites, as you do, but with the wind whipping at our cheeks on this visit, we didn't make it that far along before we headed back and warmed up...with an ice cream. 

I must say, I don't make many a beach trip when you require all your thermals and every piece of warmth in your closet, but a bit of fresh air to kick start the new year was warmly welcomed. I'll look forward to showing you all the glory of this sunny seaside when I venture back in the summer!

Who else cleared out the cobwebs on New Years Day?


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