Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Travel Hitlist: Top 5

So, yesterday was 'Sunshine Saturday' (AKA - the miserable day in January that people are mostly likely to book a holiday) and I didn't get in on the action (Kudos to you if you booked a sneaky one!). But, if you happened to have a read of my 'New Year, New Goals' post, then you'll know travelling is something I definitely something I want to explore more, starting with a few Europe breaks this year and possibly a relaxing beach holiday at some point - we shall see! But if we're talking on the big scale of things, I have some pretty major destinations that I'd love to make happen at some stage in my life. So, I thought I'd share 5 of the destinations that I hope to conquer:

A little trip that Adam and I are eager to make. There is something about Amsterdam that draws me in, the bridges hopping over the canal, vintage bicycles, cute independent stores and beautiful flower markets! A getaway that has me written all over it. Drop in a few museums outings and a trip to the Anne Frank house and I think we'll have all bases covered. I'm constantly eyeing up the city guides from WishWishWish and What Olivia Did, the ladies have awesome recommendations that'll set me in the right path once I eventually book my tickets!

The city of luurve (Sorry if that made you barf). I think I'm a bit late on the Paris bandwagon, every one seems to have made at least one trip to the beautiful city, but I'm on it! Adam and I hope to catch a couple of days in Paris to enjoy the classic sights and culture of the city. 

Can I say I mainly want to go to Canada to try Tim Hortons Donuts? We're open and honest here right? I feel like you won't judge me for this flaw. Anyway, a quick flick through 36 Hours in the USA & CANADA will set me in the right direction. But let's start off in Toronto with a view off the CN tower.

New York
Holy Cow. This place is my dream. If I won the lottery tomorrow (by the time you read this it would have been last night, and you'd know if I hit the jackpot by now - wishful thinking) this is the first place I'd book a flight to. I want to venture to the big apple for completely obvious reasons, not much explaining needed here, but you know I'm going to anyway...
Walking over the Brooklyn bridge, seeing the Statue of Liberty, afternoons in Central Park, a salt beef sandwich from Katz deli (you all know the scene from When Harry Met Sally), the bright lights of Times Square and many many more food spots are on that list. I'll hit them all up and come back 10 pounds heavier - so worth it.

San Francisco
My grandparents visited here when I was younger, and I remembered seeing all their holiday photos and thinking that one day I'd like to see it all for myself. The cable cars, the Golden Gate bridge, Lombard Street and, luckily, Adam is also a San Fran fan and wants to ride the trams with me. Lets be honest, Adam will be coming along with me to all of the spots on this hitlist (fingers crossed I'm lucky enough to hit them all) and I don't think there'd be a better travel companion/someone willing to eat all the food with me.

A little side note: If you are planning a trip, I'd suggest checking out the 36 Hour guides. I've mentioned them on here before, but they're an awesome way of planning the ingredients of a trip. Narrowing down a location to visit, listing some of the local spots and eateries to check out whilst you're there and generally just guiding you to the hidden gems of a city that you wouldn't come across unless you explore a little deeper. 

Amsterdam will be a trip for the very near future, so if you have any recommendations they'll be kindly received! 



  1. Sheepishly Charlotte12 January 2015 at 20:27

    Love your blog header! I really want to go to Canada, it's my dream place and I just know it would never want to leave!

  2. Thanks! That's the handy work of my boyfriend! I think I'd be the same- I'm hoping to travel far and wide and get the really America/Canada experience! :)


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