Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Goals

HAPPY 2015!!

I hope you all had an awesome new years eve, wherever the night took you! Me? I sat in gorging on food and watching the London firework display on television - the usual. I'm not one for the hustle and bustle of new years eve (god - I sound old) and enjoy a little firework watching from my sofa, knowing I can hop straight into bed once its over! Anyway, you really can't beat the feeling of a fresh new year, can you? The idea of wiping the slate clean and bringing out your new 2015 diary or calender and enter the year with a new sense of calm (and a possible hangover?). I don't tend to set 'resolutions' because I always like to challenge myself, regardless of a new year or not, but with that being said I definitely have a few goals and motivational thoughts for myself to start off the year smoothly:

Set up my new work space.
This will be great for me in terms of getting all my ideas from my note book and onto the blog. I've snuck into Adams office and set up at his desk and it makes such a difference with my productivity - who'd have thought it? Fresh year, fresh work space. 

Keep organized.
Keep writing post idea lists, Keep jotting down ideas and keep pounding through them note books.

Be more visual. 
My mind responds to visual aids when working, so, I want to set up a calenders, post-it notes and anything else that allows me to see my schedule and what is due to happen when.

Push myself with more frequent posts.
At the moment I'm happy with my post frequency, but it's always great to push yourself! If the ideas are flowing, I'll be typing.

Travel more.
This is a biggie for me. I haven't been away in a couple of years (not-so-secretly sobbing about this), so a few breaks this year would be kindly welcomed. A little more of an in-depth post about that soon!

Move house.
Quite a big upheaval. Adam and I only moved into this house last year, but we're already feeling the excitement to move again! The house we are currently in is our first together, and it has been kind to us so far, but we're looking forward to taking our time to find another house with a little more space for our work lives and storage! Because we currently lack in both. I can't stop furniture shopping...It's a thing.

Keep active.
Not for any intents or purposes other than to feel better within myself. I need to stop the sluggish day-to-day feeling in my bones and get my butt in gear. My plan? YouTube channel Yoga With Adrienne. I've mentioned this awesome subscription and my journey with Yoga (slightly stunted thanks to Christmas) before on Eternal Sunday and I can't wait to kick start things again, forgetting all that guilty food I consumed over the holidays - and still consuming as I type. I'm psyched that Adrienne is putting out 30 day's worth of videos throughout the month of January! I'm looking to really re-connected after the holidays and start the year off with the right intentions. Let's see how long I can keep this going!

Are you kicking off your own Yoga journey? Lets do this!


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