Sunday, 18 January 2015

Low Maintenance House Plants

Since moving into a house, out of a small flat, Adam and I have the space to gradually increased our plantlife - If I'm honest, it's all him, the boy is all about them plants - But, for me to be able to help in the whole 'keeping them alive', they need to be a selection of very low maintenance plants (Guilty of forgetting to water/over watering - I've also dropped a couple - clutz over here!). So, if you're like myself and love a bit of life in your house but you're wary of the upkeep, I've got you covered.

Cheese Plants
This guy has taken over the house. Small in size when we bought it for £4 from Wilko, it has over doubled in size since. Cheese Plants generally thrive best in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves, which we tend to spritz with water to keep hydrated and water the soil when it feels dry.

As succulents are thicker, fleshy leaved plants that are able to retain water, they are typically found in dryer areas, such as the dessert. The ability to store water means the are quite low maintenance when it comes to watering, and like I mentioned, I didn't no this until recently and caused one to rot by over watering - not a good move Emily. However, since this incident I have one alive and well sitting on my dresser. 

Yucca Plants
We've had this plant for a couple of years now and has steadily shot upwards, this  is due a re-pot. You're ment to do so every 2 years - pretty easy to handle. Currently on our side table in the living room it soaks up the natural light and in the summer months needs generous watering, but not so much in the winter. We've even jazzed it with some lights around the trunk so it's all pretty at night - nawh.

An obvious one - right? The easiest of all this selection in terms of maintenance. I can't remember the last time I watered ours (Adam probably has as I just forget...) They apparently can take up a huge amount of water in around 7mm of rain fall (Thanks, Wikipedia) and become completely hydrated in a few days. So, a bit like Succulents, they can be left to do their own thing. We have quite the display in our house, but I want to re-plant them all or get a little inside greenhouse - sad right? The dream - monster cacti.

I hope this little post was useful, sharing a little help from me to you, as a lot of you spoke up about also wanting yourself some plantlife in my Office Space Set-Up post! If there are any other plants you think I'm missing out on - do tell



  1. I am a huge fan of succulents - I currently have around 30 growing in my room, which is perhaps a little excessive. However, I'm super jealous of your yucca, since mine recently adopted a death wish. I've managed to talk it back to sense, but it was a close call!

    Jessica Marie | JESMGIA

  2. Haha! Oh god, I'm glad it decided to stay with us! Our guy is loving life. My boyfriend would be majorly envious of your 30 succulents! He's a major plant man. I, on the other hand, am single handily killing all our plants with over watering - too much love! Haha x


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