Sunday, 25 January 2015

5 Nail Shades That Work For Winter

I think last winter I solely wore Essie 'Sole Mate' on my nails for the duration - calling for darker colours on my tips - but this season I've switched it up a little and I've hunted down some bolder beauties that are still winter shade appropriate (Spring colours are waiting in the wings). 5 shades all along the same red/pink/orange tones (Good description - right?) and all from but 2 brands - Essie and Maybelline - I'm a happy lady as long as these few are in my stash!

Awesome colour selection, fancy salon finish. (longevity is great if quite liberal with top coat - imo)

A gorgeous deep burgandy with purple undertones, I feel this is everyones go-to shade -right? Such a timeless, true winter shade that I'll just keep coming back too. 

Woah - I love this shade! A great starting point for rocking a red because the orange undertone keeps it so classic and wearable - not a cheap looking red in the slightest. Even my boyfriend complimented me on this shade - that says it all. #sealofapproval 

I picked up this shade because I was after a pink, but not anything too girly. This fuchsia is perfect. A warm tone that deepens even further after lacquering on a few layers! Super wearable right through to spring/summer.

Maybelline Super Stay
This formula is just it. It doesn't budge and has got all the gloss.

Yes Yes, this offering is quite similar to 'Sole Mate', but hear me out. I had to put this one in because they do differ. Midnight red is slighty more reddy (Yes Emily - go figure) rather than purple and the formula is slightly less maintenance than Essie (I find Essie chips without hefty amount of topcoat) applies like a dreeeeam. 

Hot Salsa -
A perfect peachy pink that has the super orange but not too orange twist. Similar to Fifth Avenue, but holding a softer orangey pink twist. Another one that was noticed by the eyes of my boyfriend, and another that perks up my tips.

Any shades I need to add to my stash?


  1. ellis brockovich25 January 2015 at 11:11

    Jesus this the best post you can come up with? A post on red nails for groundbreaking.

  2. Gorgeous shades! I love wearing red nail polish :) My favourite atm is Essie Bahama Mama x

  3. I just saw that shade on your blog - 😻 wow. I think I might have to try that one out too! x


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