Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Packing For A One Night City Break

When it comes to packing, the words 'light weight' mean nothing to me. I'm a lady who enjoys multiple options and all the luxuries. However, as you're reading this I'm in London for a little overnight getaway with Adam (Hello - Cats The Musical! The boy did so good this Christmas) and this time I'm determined to put together a lighter than usual over night bag! -After all, we're only talking one night - we don't come home until late tomorrow and hotel checkout is early, so I'll be lugging the contents of my overnighter around London - so a girls gotta downsize. If you're a heavy packer also, I've wrote down a little check list to help the hoarder within us - mine is crying out for an extra pair of fancy theatre shoes... 

1. Simplify Skincare.
When it comes to skincare, I'm pretty much on the lighter side of things anyway, but for one night away I'm cutting down to a simple Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise. I've also picked products that I can use AM and PM. This is also a great time to bring out cute sample sizes that have been knocking around in your draws! Which leads me to...

2. Decanter Products.
As I'm off to the theatre in the evening I'd like a couple of options for my base - fuller coverage in the evening, lighter in the day. Little empty pots from samples are super handy for situations like this, and I've popped a little bit of base in a couple. I've also de-cantered some product from my Neals Yard Beauty Balm. Carrying the whole cleanser when you only need a tiny amount? (Which I have done before!) Nooo thanks! 

3. Step away from the straighteners.
As a teen, my straighteners were my best friend, but I've recently learned to embrace my natural blow-dried barnet (it sits somewhere between straightish, but with slight kinks) and I've learnt that a little texturising spray adds awesome definition to them pesky kinks and a lot of bounce to my thick hair! If your hair plays ball - ditch them appliances! 

4. Switchable Style.
Keeping it simple on your bottom half and switching up your top half is a great way to save on weight, especially when its only a short break away and you don't need too many outfit choices - she says. I'll be donning a pair of black jeans for the 2 days and working my outfits around them, swapping my comfy day time jumper to get fancy for a date night with a smarter shirt, a dusting of eye shadow and a clutch - a new black Whistles offering that needs it's first outing!

Stay tuned for some London posts - I'll be snapping shots whist I'm away!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

5 Nail Shades That Work For Winter

I think last winter I solely wore Essie 'Sole Mate' on my nails for the duration - calling for darker colours on my tips - but this season I've switched it up a little and I've hunted down some bolder beauties that are still winter shade appropriate (Spring colours are waiting in the wings). 5 shades all along the same red/pink/orange tones (Good description - right?) and all from but 2 brands - Essie and Maybelline - I'm a happy lady as long as these few are in my stash!

Awesome colour selection, fancy salon finish. (longevity is great if quite liberal with top coat - imo)

A gorgeous deep burgandy with purple undertones, I feel this is everyones go-to shade -right? Such a timeless, true winter shade that I'll just keep coming back too. 

Woah - I love this shade! A great starting point for rocking a red because the orange undertone keeps it so classic and wearable - not a cheap looking red in the slightest. Even my boyfriend complimented me on this shade - that says it all. #sealofapproval 

I picked up this shade because I was after a pink, but not anything too girly. This fuchsia is perfect. A warm tone that deepens even further after lacquering on a few layers! Super wearable right through to spring/summer.

Maybelline Super Stay
This formula is just it. It doesn't budge and has got all the gloss.

Yes Yes, this offering is quite similar to 'Sole Mate', but hear me out. I had to put this one in because they do differ. Midnight red is slighty more reddy (Yes Emily - go figure) rather than purple and the formula is slightly less maintenance than Essie (I find Essie chips without hefty amount of topcoat) applies like a dreeeeam. 

Hot Salsa -
A perfect peachy pink that has the super orange but not too orange twist. Similar to Fifth Avenue, but holding a softer orangey pink twist. Another one that was noticed by the eyes of my boyfriend, and another that perks up my tips.

Any shades I need to add to my stash?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Low Maintenance House Plants

Since moving into a house, out of a small flat, Adam and I have the space to gradually increased our plantlife - If I'm honest, it's all him, the boy is all about them plants - But, for me to be able to help in the whole 'keeping them alive', they need to be a selection of very low maintenance plants (Guilty of forgetting to water/over watering - I've also dropped a couple - clutz over here!). So, if you're like myself and love a bit of life in your house but you're wary of the upkeep, I've got you covered.

Cheese Plants
This guy has taken over the house. Small in size when we bought it for £4 from Wilko, it has over doubled in size since. Cheese Plants generally thrive best in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves, which we tend to spritz with water to keep hydrated and water the soil when it feels dry.

As succulents are thicker, fleshy leaved plants that are able to retain water, they are typically found in dryer areas, such as the dessert. The ability to store water means the are quite low maintenance when it comes to watering, and like I mentioned, I didn't no this until recently and caused one to rot by over watering - not a good move Emily. However, since this incident I have one alive and well sitting on my dresser. 

Yucca Plants
We've had this plant for a couple of years now and has steadily shot upwards, this  is due a re-pot. You're ment to do so every 2 years - pretty easy to handle. Currently on our side table in the living room it soaks up the natural light and in the summer months needs generous watering, but not so much in the winter. We've even jazzed it with some lights around the trunk so it's all pretty at night - nawh.

An obvious one - right? The easiest of all this selection in terms of maintenance. I can't remember the last time I watered ours (Adam probably has as I just forget...) They apparently can take up a huge amount of water in around 7mm of rain fall (Thanks, Wikipedia) and become completely hydrated in a few days. So, a bit like Succulents, they can be left to do their own thing. We have quite the display in our house, but I want to re-plant them all or get a little inside greenhouse - sad right? The dream - monster cacti.

I hope this little post was useful, sharing a little help from me to you, as a lot of you spoke up about also wanting yourself some plantlife in my Office Space Set-Up post! If there are any other plants you think I'm missing out on - do tell


Thursday, 15 January 2015

The 5 Minute Face


A 'what's on ma face' post on Eternal Sunday? Oh yes, we're doing this. I'm no beauty blogger, but I do love my beauty, so I thought I'd share the 5-minute face that gets me by from day-to-day. I rarely vary from this look dramatically, apart from switching up the lip colour or adding an eye product into the mix - Yano, if I'm feelin' fancy! Let me know in the comments of any products you think a novice like myself should try out and I might give them a whirl!


Lets start with base, the trickiest part of it all for an oily/combination girl, like myself. As a rule, I love a light coverage base (unless it's an evening make-up look) with a light weight feel on the skin and the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is genius. It works beautifully on my skin with fingers or a brush and is just the right amount of lightweight/still holds some coverage base. If I happen to need a little more, I go in with my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer practically everywhere - under the eyes, around the nose, and along my jawline to cover some pesky redness. A light bronzing is something I've invested a little extra time in lately - I need to get some cheek bones up in here - and in this post I talked about TheBalm Bahama Mama, but I also really enjoy The Bodyshop Honey Bronzer in the shade Medium Matte, not at all too 'orange' in tone, and with a light dusting its just the right amount of ompfh added into my complexion. With winter dulling down my skin, I like to swoop some TheBalm Mary-Lou-Manizer across the cheeks if I'm feeling the mood and then I like to use a cream blush to add a little extra glow and peachyness them cheeks. The Maxfactor Creamy Blush has amazing staying power - I just wish they came in more shades - am I right?? Only a little maintenance is required to keep this base in tact with a dusting of powder later on in the day, and for that I use the Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact. Is it possible for a powder to be creamy? Because this baby is a dream to apply. Even though it's not translucent (I have the shade Vanille) it's not heavy in the slightest.


Base done, it's brow time. MAC Pencil in Lingering is what I keep returning too as it's great for hair like detailing and creating a brown that isn't too strong for my round face. I don't have a natural sharp arch, so I keep it soft and let them do their own thing. In the way of mascara, I am using a little tester of the Clinique High Impact Mascara, and with a bit of eye lash curler help for my stumpy straight lashes, we've been getting along just fine. I do have my eye of the Fairdrops Scandal Queen thanks to Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup - I'm sure you've all seen the one! 

Lastly, lips! MAC Patisserie is another Anna recommendation - that girl knows her stuff - and I hate to say this phrase, but, it's the 'my lips but better' shade that we all love. A sweet not too pink, not too nude shade. 

Let me know if you want to see any more beauty posts from me, I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone for you guys!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Travel Hitlist: Top 5

So, yesterday was 'Sunshine Saturday' (AKA - the miserable day in January that people are mostly likely to book a holiday) and I didn't get in on the action (Kudos to you if you booked a sneaky one!). But, if you happened to have a read of my 'New Year, New Goals' post, then you'll know travelling is something I definitely something I want to explore more, starting with a few Europe breaks this year and possibly a relaxing beach holiday at some point - we shall see! But if we're talking on the big scale of things, I have some pretty major destinations that I'd love to make happen at some stage in my life. So, I thought I'd share 5 of the destinations that I hope to conquer:

A little trip that Adam and I are eager to make. There is something about Amsterdam that draws me in, the bridges hopping over the canal, vintage bicycles, cute independent stores and beautiful flower markets! A getaway that has me written all over it. Drop in a few museums outings and a trip to the Anne Frank house and I think we'll have all bases covered. I'm constantly eyeing up the city guides from WishWishWish and What Olivia Did, the ladies have awesome recommendations that'll set me in the right path once I eventually book my tickets!

The city of luurve (Sorry if that made you barf). I think I'm a bit late on the Paris bandwagon, every one seems to have made at least one trip to the beautiful city, but I'm on it! Adam and I hope to catch a couple of days in Paris to enjoy the classic sights and culture of the city. 

Can I say I mainly want to go to Canada to try Tim Hortons Donuts? We're open and honest here right? I feel like you won't judge me for this flaw. Anyway, a quick flick through 36 Hours in the USA & CANADA will set me in the right direction. But let's start off in Toronto with a view off the CN tower.

New York
Holy Cow. This place is my dream. If I won the lottery tomorrow (by the time you read this it would have been last night, and you'd know if I hit the jackpot by now - wishful thinking) this is the first place I'd book a flight to. I want to venture to the big apple for completely obvious reasons, not much explaining needed here, but you know I'm going to anyway...
Walking over the Brooklyn bridge, seeing the Statue of Liberty, afternoons in Central Park, a salt beef sandwich from Katz deli (you all know the scene from When Harry Met Sally), the bright lights of Times Square and many many more food spots are on that list. I'll hit them all up and come back 10 pounds heavier - so worth it.

San Francisco
My grandparents visited here when I was younger, and I remembered seeing all their holiday photos and thinking that one day I'd like to see it all for myself. The cable cars, the Golden Gate bridge, Lombard Street and, luckily, Adam is also a San Fran fan and wants to ride the trams with me. Lets be honest, Adam will be coming along with me to all of the spots on this hitlist (fingers crossed I'm lucky enough to hit them all) and I don't think there'd be a better travel companion/someone willing to eat all the food with me.

A little side note: If you are planning a trip, I'd suggest checking out the 36 Hour guides. I've mentioned them on here before, but they're an awesome way of planning the ingredients of a trip. Narrowing down a location to visit, listing some of the local spots and eateries to check out whilst you're there and generally just guiding you to the hidden gems of a city that you wouldn't come across unless you explore a little deeper. 

Amsterdam will be a trip for the very near future, so if you have any recommendations they'll be kindly received! 


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Windswept Walks in Wells-Next-The-Sea


A little impromptu post today from a trip home to visit family over the new year. The camera didn't come with because I wasn't planning on photographing anything, until we took a little wonder to Wells-Next-The-Sea (A seaside town along the Norfolk coastline) on New Years Day! So, excuse the iPhone photos and shameless windswept selfie - my trusty photographer wasn't with me.

Wells has to be my favourite coastal village, with it's cutsey houses all individually painted in pastel colouring (damn me for not providing a visual, I was too 'in the moment') and a classic chippy that always has a queue stumbling out of the doorway. We took a walk down the long stretch of road leading from the harbour to the beach - which also has a woods running along behind it, hidden rope swings and everything. Childhood flashbacks.- and Adam and I enjoyed this walk last year when we ventured this way in the summer, then spent the afternoon lazying on the beach and flying kites, as you do, but with the wind whipping at our cheeks on this visit, we didn't make it that far along before we headed back and warmed up...with an ice cream. 

I must say, I don't make many a beach trip when you require all your thermals and every piece of warmth in your closet, but a bit of fresh air to kick start the new year was warmly welcomed. I'll look forward to showing you all the glory of this sunny seaside when I venture back in the summer!

Who else cleared out the cobwebs on New Years Day?


Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Goals

HAPPY 2015!!

I hope you all had an awesome new years eve, wherever the night took you! Me? I sat in gorging on food and watching the London firework display on television - the usual. I'm not one for the hustle and bustle of new years eve (god - I sound old) and enjoy a little firework watching from my sofa, knowing I can hop straight into bed once its over! Anyway, you really can't beat the feeling of a fresh new year, can you? The idea of wiping the slate clean and bringing out your new 2015 diary or calender and enter the year with a new sense of calm (and a possible hangover?). I don't tend to set 'resolutions' because I always like to challenge myself, regardless of a new year or not, but with that being said I definitely have a few goals and motivational thoughts for myself to start off the year smoothly:

Set up my new work space.
This will be great for me in terms of getting all my ideas from my note book and onto the blog. I've snuck into Adams office and set up at his desk and it makes such a difference with my productivity - who'd have thought it? Fresh year, fresh work space. 

Keep organized.
Keep writing post idea lists, Keep jotting down ideas and keep pounding through them note books.

Be more visual. 
My mind responds to visual aids when working, so, I want to set up a calenders, post-it notes and anything else that allows me to see my schedule and what is due to happen when.

Push myself with more frequent posts.
At the moment I'm happy with my post frequency, but it's always great to push yourself! If the ideas are flowing, I'll be typing.

Travel more.
This is a biggie for me. I haven't been away in a couple of years (not-so-secretly sobbing about this), so a few breaks this year would be kindly welcomed. A little more of an in-depth post about that soon!

Move house.
Quite a big upheaval. Adam and I only moved into this house last year, but we're already feeling the excitement to move again! The house we are currently in is our first together, and it has been kind to us so far, but we're looking forward to taking our time to find another house with a little more space for our work lives and storage! Because we currently lack in both. I can't stop furniture shopping...It's a thing.

Keep active.
Not for any intents or purposes other than to feel better within myself. I need to stop the sluggish day-to-day feeling in my bones and get my butt in gear. My plan? YouTube channel Yoga With Adrienne. I've mentioned this awesome subscription and my journey with Yoga (slightly stunted thanks to Christmas) before on Eternal Sunday and I can't wait to kick start things again, forgetting all that guilty food I consumed over the holidays - and still consuming as I type. I'm psyched that Adrienne is putting out 30 day's worth of videos throughout the month of January! I'm looking to really re-connected after the holidays and start the year off with the right intentions. Let's see how long I can keep this going!

Are you kicking off your own Yoga journey? Lets do this!

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