Sunday, 20 December 2015

A View from The Sky Garden

The Sky Gardens
Botanical Gardens in London
The View From The Sky Gardens
The Shard London

So, it appears that I'm still rolling out the film from my birthday weekend, I hope you don't mind! It's nice for me to have another chance to look through the photos and remember all of the sweet times. Anyway, as it is Sunday I thought I would pop up a relaxing view of London city - from The Sky Gardens, the highest botanical gardens in London. I really think you could say this is the best viewing platform if you want to see the city at it's best, away from the hustle and bustle and with some botanical beauty thrown in for good measure. 

Adam booked our tickets for 4pm, just as the sun was setting, so when we took the lift up to the viewing platform it was bright daylight, and by the time we left the building was surrounded by pure night sky. It was so nice to take a moment to watch the view transition as the sun went down around us, whilst strolling around the botanical gardens - oh, the pretty plants. We also took a step out onto the balcony - on the 37th floor. Damn high. You can spot everything from The Shard, to the tower of London, Saint Pauls Cathedral, and even winter wonderland glittering away in the distance. 

Eternal Sunday Sky Gardens
Botanical Gardens in London

If you are ever in London, you should check it out! I couldn't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Surrounded by plants.



Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Beauty Collective

You will rarely find beauty chatter popping up around these parts, discounting the odd mention in a monthly favourites, because to be quite honest it is not my strong point. Don't get me wrong, I love to swoon over beauty hauls and try new things - I'm just not great enough to shout about it.  BUT, with some birthday cash to spend and a London trip on the cards, I had a chance to pick up a few things I'd wanted to try - all brands that I would call 'high end', so when better to throw caution to the wind and have a little spend than on your birthday?

This Burberry purchase came around purely because of Estee Lalonde. I'd been obsessing over her eye make up in her #ForeverNovember vlogs and when I found out it was Pale Barley I had to pop down to the Covent Garden Burberry Beauty Box to check it out in person - and oh my oh my it is a beauty. Eye shadow isn't usually a product that makes it into my every day 'in a rush and have to get to work' face, but this neutral shade is a dream to apply all over the lid and just what I needed in my stash. The perfect golden taupe with a formulation that you can wear dry, or wet for fuller impact, and a staying power like any other. Definitely worth the £23 price tag - It is bloody beautiful. The lovely lady that served me also popped in the bag a tiny sample of their Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (another banger of a product) and their fragrance, which is also gorgeous! Burberry, I'm impressed. 

I don't have particularly sparse, but they do need some definition! I've been around the drugstore options, but I've never seen a product quite like the Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil. So, when browsing the beauty that is Liberty at Christmas time, I stopped by their counter to swatch it, and when they applied it on me and Adam noticed the difference - I was sold. I'm sure you all know the deats on this one, but with a spooly on one end, and a slanted wax formulation on the other, this pencil is really easy to control and creates awesome definition, whilst still looking natural. I also picked up a sample size of their Veil Mineral Primer, which is amazing at keeping my oily complexion composed and fresh faced for as long as possible. (Because lets face it, the oil, will come).

My favourite way to remove my make up and cleanse my face is by either using a balm, or an oil, and the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm is the best of both worlds! A balm, which turns into an oil when mixed with water. I've heard so many other ladies raving about this product, so when my current cleanser had its last pump, I moved onto this tub - and I really like it. Firstly, it smells amazing. Secondly, it does a great job of removing almost all traces of make up meaning I don't need to double cleanse (because I read that is a thing? Haha). This product is like a facial, all in one.

There is nothing I love more than treating my body to some luxurious smells. Whether is is body oils, bars or sprays, I find the scents so relaxing and comforting and have always got something on the go. Aromatherapy Associates have a divine range of scents in their bath and shower oils, and as it is Christmas they are selling a miniature of their Revive Morning in a very festive star bauble for £10! A cut of the price of a full bottles, and a fantastic chance to try out a scent of theirs. I douse this on my body before hopping in the shower and let the mix of rosemary, geranium, grapefruit and citrus oils (to name just a few!) work their magic. The best way to start the day, if you ask me.



Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Monthly Lifestyle Favourites: November

Welcome back to another favourites! November is always a particularly nice month for me as it brings around Adams birthday, and mine too, so lots of gift giving and celebrations are had! With that in mind, it has also sprung some fresh favourites, of course...
The White Company Eternal Sunday

Speaking of birthdays, Adam, as per, did an ace job with his gift giving. How beautiful is this bag from The White Company? Ah! I just love it. I've spent all summer using canvas tote bags, so I'm really welcoming a more structured bag for my winter wardrobe.

Hemp Body Butter Eternal Sunday

I don't tend to suffer with dry skin (hell, I'm constantly try to battle oil) but this winter I've found a thick moisturiser is working wonders in my routine. I'm a huge fan of the ranges from The Body Shop, particularly their body products, and this rich Hemp Body Butter is another brilliant product. They use the non-medicinal variety of hemp to extract the hydrating oil, typically used for very dry skin, to provide an intense treatment and it cleared up the dry patches on my legs (thanks, shaving) almost overnight! I've even got Adam using it, so it has been a real winner for us this month.

Glasses Eternal Sunday

If you are also a glasses wearer, then you will know it is nice to have a bit of variety in your frames, since you are wearing them on the daily, and for me, they are the statement feature of my outfit. Up until now I've had one pair that I have wore day in, day out, so when I saw that Glasses Direct were having a mega deal (40% off, buy one get one free!) I had to pick up some new additions. I went for the East frames from Scout which is a larger frame in a classic tortoise shell design (my usual go to) and the Fitzrovia frames from London Retro which is slightly smaller and a nice rosey shade which I thought would look awesome in the summer months.

ASOS Boots Eternal Sunday

With it being the run up to Christmas, and the few get togethers I have on my calendar, I needed a pair of smarter boots that I could pair with different outfits, but were sensible for my clumsy self to walk in. I'm really not a heels wearer. But these Western Pointed Chelsea Ankle Bootswell, they are everything. Comfy, smart, pointed and black! ASOS hits the nail on the head, again.

Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit Eternal Sunday

When I heard Estee Lalonde was bringing out a Nail Art Kit in collaboration with The Body Shop I was eagerly refreshing their home page until it dropped! I'm always eyeing up her nail colour of choice in her videos, so I knew she would pick some bangers - and she did. With 'Deeply in Love', 'Got the Blues' and 'Gorgeous Grey', she really has covered all bases. I'm not one for nail art, I've given it my best shot from the handy tool in this kit, but the colours alone are enough to warrant a purchase. A hardy chip resistant formulae, with a professional fresh shine. (didn't snap a pick with it on, my bad, but see first image for a distant view of colour on nails!)



Sunday, 29 November 2015

Brunch at Villiers All Day Dining Room

Villiers All Day Dining Room London
Villiers All Day Dining Room Embankment
Eternal Sunday Breakfast

Last week brought around the 24th of November - AKA, my birthday! Because it was also Adams birthday at the beginning of the month, we decided to take some time off from work to celebrate. We headed down to London for the night to spend some time admiring all of the festivities! (and of course, do some damage to my bank account) I love this time of year, I am a real Christmas nut, so this was the perfect way to spend my birthday. 

Villiers All Day Dining Room Eternal Sunday
Eternal Sunday Accessories
Villiers All Day Dining Room Breakfast Eternal Sunday

On our first day we headed for Southbank, my favourite part of the city and upon leaving Embankment station stumbled across Villiers All Day Dining Room. Warmly lit with beautiful Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and fir garlands decorating the windows, we just had to pop in and check it out. Turns out, it was the perfect pit-stop for a quick caffeine boost before starting our day.

We are never too lucky when it comes to spur of the moment decisions, mainly because I'm too indecisive when it comes to food (I want it all) but I don't think our luck could have got any better because it was freakin' delicious! I made an order of scrambled eggs on toast, with a side of bacon, and to quote Adam it was 'the best bacon I have ever tasted' - and it really was! I thought I would put in a little close up here - because, yum. 

As it turns out the people behind Villiers have a long established history of providing Londoners with delicious food and drink, and no doubt Adam and I will be making a return. 

Stay tuned for more details from our London jaunt. Featuring a very fancy Selfridges reservation and a trip up The Sky Garden! Until then...


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Into The Wilderness

Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness
Thetford Forest Eternal Sunday
Thetford Forest Autumn


Last week brought Adams birthday, and in true form, we headed out into the wilderness! We both love getting out of the city and heading into the country for some fresh air whenever we can, so a stop off at Thetford Forest on the way to visit family seemed the only way to celebrate! Of course, I rinse any photo opportunity, so the camera came with, and this was actually one of my favourite shoots! The drizzly, hazy weather, made for some awesome images! 

Black Dr Martens Emmeline Boots
Dr Marten Emmeline Boot

I'm not quite sure how I managed last winter without a durable pair of boots to battle the weather in (I am a trainers girl through and through), so a stomp around the autumn leaves seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out my Emmeline Docs! On first wear, I thought I'd suffer some blister issues, but they are pretty darn comfy to start! However, I did pick up some of their Doc's Sock's, which are padded to allow comfort whilst wearing the boots in, just in case! These docs are ridiculously versatile, so I styled them with some light layers, as despite the rain it was quite a mild day, and of course my Carhartt beanie! I reappearance in my wardrobe every year, without fail. 


Eternal Sunday Into The Wilderness

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