Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wanted: An Office Space Set-up

Sometimes it's hard to muster up motivation to nip outside to get the shots for blog posts, or dress up when all you want to do is slob out - especially in the winter months when the sun is out for what feels like 1 hour a day. Finding myself at home for the month of December and getting in the true spirit of Christmas (If you've ever worked in retail, you'll know my pain) and I had plans of 9-5 working for Eternal Sunday, but I've procrastinated, just a tad. So lets call it 12-6? (oops!) Also squeezing in a few hours in the late evening seems to be the theme for me. I'm such an organized person by nature, so this doesn't sit well with me atall. The issue? I have no workspace, plonking myself on different surfaces and seats around the house when typing up blog posts or editing photos. I've always been quite happy with this set-up, until recently. So, in the interest of banging out some posts a little more frequently, and the usual 'new year, new start' nonsense taking over - I'm getting myself that workspace. (A few before and after shots once fully complete? I think so.)

The aim here is to fill my work area creatively with bits and pieces that drive and inspire me. Besides the obvious of a desk and a chair, I'm thinking:

Illustrations - Quite likely to come from my Picking Up Prints post. But illustrations with motivational words/phrases I find a great booster.

Pictures - Real life memories of the most precious moments and exciting adventures!

Plants - We're big plant fans in this house, they add so much life! However, I suck at keeping them alive. So, Cacti and succulents will be scattering my desk - they have the best chance of survival. 

New Stationary - I've always been a massive sucker for stationary - especially when I was at school. Pencils, note books and all pretty things in-between.

Wall Calender - Too keep the momentum going and keep things on track. I work visually, so if I can see it written on paper, it will happen! Plus, any excuse to by a pretty sweet calender - Rifle Paper Co usually have things covered.

I'm super excited to get started, I may already be storage searching. (you know I am!) Obviously, pictures to follow once complete - eek! Time to get shit done.

Tell me, what inspires you when sat at your desk?



  1. I got a mini cactus for my desk, but that's about the extent of decorating my desk area so far. Even though I moved in back in August! Having some greenery is definitely a nice addition though. I would love to see what you do with the space! Good luck!

  2. Cacti are definitely the go-to low maintenance plant! I'll be sure to pop up a post once it's all completed! I hope you get your office space just how you want it too!


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