Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wandering Around The Woods


Welcome back to Eternal Sunday after this fine festive season! I do hope you all had a crackin' Christmas with loved ones and plenty of festive feeling! My head is still stuck on the little trip out Adam and I had Christmas Eve, we hit the road and headed out to Thetford Forest for a perfect winter walk! As I don't own a car, its difficult for to get to anywhere that a bus (or 3, or 4, or 5) won't take us to, but I got my hands on a car (via car rental, not theft! haha) and off we ventured out before stopping off to visit family. I've realised how much I've missed having a little car to potter around it, because I live in a city I don't have the need for a car, my legs will reluctantly take me where I need to go within a 5 minute stroll. 

I digress, of course when opportunity strikes, the camera comes out, so I managed to snap a few images before the battery ran out - not thinking ahead problems. 

There's nothing I enjoy more than being out of the city, amongst the woodlands and rural life and with clear skies all round, this day was a corker!

Sorry ladies, most items are previous season styles or appear to be sold out!

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