Thursday, 11 December 2014

Achieving A Winter Glow With TheBalm


If you had a read of my Some Sunday Beauty Schooling post, then you'll know after testing out a few bits from TheBalm, 2 products ended up in my FeelUnique shopping basket the next morning - a hazy  'just woke up and saw 15% off online, I'll make the most of this' purchase. Not usually products that make it into my routine - I'm all about that 5 minute no fuss make up - but in the spirit of 'branching out', a new bronzer and highlighter are this weeks hot topic! 

WOW. I could easily finish this description at that one word, just look at it. I'm sure you've all heard of lovely Mary-Lou, but for those of you that haven't, this product is a multi purpose highlight and it's bloody amazing. Attractively glistening in the pan, you can apply as a highlight, dabbed on the inner corners of the eye, all over the lid, along your brow arch - Oh, the possibilities. A little heads up, less is definitely more with this product. A light dusting across the cheeks has noticeably added life into my complexion! Especially this time of year, when things are starting to look a bit dull. I'm living life on a Mary-Lou Minizer high...

As a lady with an olive toned complexion I've never considered bronzer a step in my routine that was necessary, I've tried a couple different samples in the past - shout out to Chanel Tan De Soleil - but with the 15% code excitement, this got chucked in the bag too. The product looks a bit daunting in the pan, quite cold in colour as it doesn't hold any bronze undertones, but it looks a lot less scary when applied. Maybe not a product for the fairer skinned of ladies or if you're after an all over bronze, but for my skin tone a light application adds a little bit of depth to my face shape (like a very weak contour) - I'm learning how to sculpt the cheekbones that live somewhere underneath my packed out cheeks! I'm not sure how I've made it this far without a bronzer in my routine.

...TheBalm, You're awesome.


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