Sunday, 14 December 2014

5 Tips For Tackling Christmas Dinner


For the past 22 years, even since moving from home, on Christmas morning I've woken up bleary eyed from a restless nights sleep and I've spent the festivities opening presents, eating too much and watching the Christmas soap specials back home. This year, the same routine is inevitable, but my boyfriend Adam and I are going solo and having our own Christmas celebrations in our new home - and I can't wait! Spending the day in our pyjamas and making memories of our first Christmas spent just the two of us.

SO, of course this means I won't have the joy of having Christmas dinner with all the trimmings magically turn up on a plate in front of me - shoutout to my mother - and I'm having to tackle the feast myself. (The thought of asking my mum to deliver did cross my mind, not going to lie) But, I'm going to give it a crack - from scratch. Are you in the same gravy boat as me? (I'm so sorry - that gravy pun. pitiful.) Whether you're cooking for the whole family, or just a few - we all like to pack it away! So here's a few tips that I'll be using to stop myself being snowed under:

Lists are your friend.
You know me, I love a good list. I truly believe that everything will become a bit clearer once it's on paper. Jot down your time schedule, what food needs thawing, preparing etc. Save the last minute supermarket dash.

Menu - plan ahead.
In the form of another list - a menu. It's easy to see what you already got in your cupboards, and what you need to add to the grocery list. Tick off as you go! ... Man, I'm drooling just thinking about all this food.

Prep it.
If it can be prepared, prepare it. This way, there is less to do for the big event and a little less time can be spent slaving away over the stove.

Don't get fancy.
Now, I'm no Nigella, but if you fancy yourself as a bit of a masterchef - now is not the time to experiment. Unless a few practise runs have been thrown around, I'm not going to be mixing up any last minute concoctions. 

Tidy as you go.
A mountain of dishes, pots and pans is enough to make anyone's heart sink. Don't leave it until boxing day morning - have a tidy as you go along. (Thanks in advance, Adam ;))

Most importantly - Wear the elasticated pants, share the festive spirit and get merry!!


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