Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 Ways To Wear: The COS Lightweight Backpack

If any of you managed to catch my post a couple of weeks back - The One Where It Was My Birthday - you will witnessed this COS bag make a little first outing whilst having a bit of a birthday spend, as you do! Gifted to me by my lovely boyfriend, Adam, this bag is just what I've been after and has more than one way to wear. Allow me to elaborate...

1 - Hand Held:
Like a shopper bag, I like to tote this bag around when out running errands.

2 - Over The Shoulder:
My usual preference when carrying this bag. Even though this bag is light in weight and a thinner technical fabric than the other bags I own, the straps are very strong so no need to worry about packing in all the completely unnecessary bits us ladies lug about!  #girlproblems

3 - BackPack:
Now, the awesome thing about this bag - it has extra straps! I love a good multi-functional item and if you tuck in the hand held handles (wow, that's a mouthful), clasp together with the magnetic plates, rather than the usual zip lock, and extend the straps - you've got yourself a backpack! There is also a drawstring to keep things extra secure, which I didn't photograph - doh!

Maybe not the perfect bag to wear out into the rain, I'm not sure how water proof it may be, but I'm sure with the unpredictable British weather as it is I'll know soon enough...

Have you managed to get your hands on this COS bag? Let me know your thoughts!

Wear It:
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