Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Bookshelf: This Is M. Sasek


Firstly, lets head a few weeks back to my Books On My Bookshelf post, where I let you delve into what books we have on hand in our downstairs living area. Well, you may remember the stack of illustrated 'This Is' books by M. Sasek that snuck into the photos, but they really do deserve a whole post of their own.

Miroslav Sasek was a Czech painter, illustrator and author of the delightful 'This Is' children's books. Originally published more than 50 years ago, he's taken many a mind to the sites of Paris, a walk in Central Park, and a drive along the Golden Gate with his perfectly painted image of some of the world's greatest cities, and countries! They've been so thoroughly enjoyed by adults (hello!) and children that they have now been reprinted and Adam and I have been living vicariously through them for a few years now! (I must admit - he brought them to my attention! Extra credit for him.) On our bookshelf you'll find This Is New York, This Is San Francisco, This Is Hong Kong and This is London - to name a few of the destinations available - so until we travel  to the big apple, we're just delving into the pretty pictures...

This Is London...
How awesome are these illustrations of London? Not long ago I was standing in London the exact same view point of Parliament, which just adds life to this image! Fellow London lovers - relate!

This Is New York...
Oh New York, my beloved. Just looking at these images makes me want to grab the next flight - but let's be realistic. The Central Park illustrations have to be my favourite from the whole book. When I go to New York (Notice I say when - I'm determined!) I'll be heading straight for the park!

This Is San Francisco...
Flashback to my childhood, I remember my grandparents coming home from a trip to San Francisco, showing us all their holiday snaps and This Is San Francisco instantly brings that back to me. Adam loves a bit of San Fran - also on our travel bucket list - and we'd love to get an M. Sasek print up in our house!

Hope you're enjoying these little book teasers & have a Happy Sunday folks! 




  1. I have so many beautifully illustrated books from when I was a kid - I love these!! <3 Gisforgingers xx

  2. Most of these were bought from adulthood! Haha But they'll certainly be hanging around for future young'bs (Ah ma gahd) x


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