Sunday, 9 November 2014

Home Interiors: Picking Up Prints!

Our house is seriously lacking in the way of visuals. We've got the furniture down, but we've got a lot of blank white walls up in here! Since Adam is an illustrator, you'd think we'd be inundated with prints? But it's kind of been last on our 'to do' list. (Save the best until last - right?) and it just so happens that my social media feed has been overflowing with enviable interiors of late, and with my crazy scrolling I have found a few great websites that have an awesome selection of printed treats! Check the bottom of this post for all of my printed picks mentioned in this post. They've probably already made their way to my checkout as I type...

I first spotted the pineapple print from Society6 on display in the lovely Kate from gh0stparties Living Room Tour (side note - major love for your living room, Kate!) and instantly started trawling the site. Get this - I don't even like pineapple. Go figure. But, there was something about that faded pineapple that just said 'yes!'. I'm a lover of the simple prints in life and the crazy cat lady in me needs one of the many Cat prints my little eye spotted!

This cute store has surface print design all over the shop - get it?. Cards, gift wrap, stationary (oh - the stationary!) and the wall art is ah-may-zing. All very colourful in colour, feminine and fun in design, with a bunch of botanical influences, it's easy to get carried away with your spending. (This is more of a note to myself - naughty!) A lot of the illustrations are whimsical and uplifting, great vibes to have around your workspace!
Anthony Burrill
Words and communication is the main focus of Anthony's prints. The clean cut design of the text is bold and effective - mostly black and white - his works are a great pieces to own because by default, they will always fit into any interior - having a redecorate is no issue here! Anthony's 'Work Hard & Be Nice To People' print is a favourite of mine and one on my shopping list for sure. I hope we don't all need a reminder to be kind to people, but it's a great mantra hanging around in the house, if you ask me.

My first ever purchase from Jesi's adorable Etsy Shop was a wooden necklace with a tooth illustration on the front and the caption 'Sweet Tooth'. It had me written all over it. Since then I've been hooked on her awesome illustrations and cutesy captions! Such as 'To gnome you is to love you' and 'Treat Yo'self',  delicately hand-painted on to wooden slabs (For want of a better word!) and wooden sheets, Jesi offers custom made designs via request and if you follow her instagram - bonus snaps of her ridiculously cute cat, digby - you can check out her little works in the making as well as a heads up on new pieces to hit the shop! You wouldn't want to miss out...

My Printed Picks:
Black Cat / Society6  Pineapple / Society6  Scissors / RifelPaperCo  IT'S OK / Etsy  
Work Hard / Anthony Burrill  Treat Yo' Self / Jesiiii

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