Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Weekly Highlights - Girls, Girls, #GIRLBOSS

Once again, the best bits from the past week have been noted down and reduced to 3 helpings. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, videos - the lotSo, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. Patricia Bright on Radio1
I'm a girl that is very fond of her spotify playlist, but when I heard that Youtuber/Blogger Patricia Bright was filling a set on Radio1, I had to tune in. Her chatty videos literally make me laugh out loud, so an hour of Patricia time seemed like the perfect way to get me through an afternoon of editing! An eclectic mix and chatty times, perfect afternoon vibes. Give it a listen!

2. A Smokey Eye with Carrie
I've just about got the whole complexion game under control when it comes to face bases, but eye make up - not so much. Lovely Carrie, form WishWishWish, is in the same boat as all us heavy handed ladies and her Smokey-eye tutorial makes everything seem a little less scary. No harsh blacks, or liquid liners (which just end up on my eyeball) and when I get my hands on the perfect palette, I'll be pulling up this post. Thanks, Carrie!

3. A #GIRLBOSS Collab
This week, two awesome women have combined to create something quite unique. #1GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso & Creater of 'Girls' (ironic?) Lena Dunham have collaborated for her Not that kind of girl promo book tour! (Of course, it's on my Christmas list) Founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia, will be dressing Lena for the length of her tour in a selection of exclusive Nasty Gal outfits, which you can shop here! Awesome, huh? There is also a suggestively worded tote bag that I need to get my hands on.  

If that wasn't enough excitement for one post, Lena is also hosting 5 sessions with women to encourage literacy and learning, expressing what they love about writing and even doing a writing exercise. Such positive vibes! Obviously, I enjoy writing also, so this excites me!  Now, I need to just get to the US...


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  1. It is very obvious which bloggers you are trying to copy with your blog. Because you are trying to copy other peoples style your blog content doesn't seem genuine at all, it is very clear that you are posting about things you aren't that enthusiastic about you are just posting things that you think people want to read but this kind of content is already being generated from much bigger and more popular bloggers. Once again your 3 weekly highlights are just boring and things that people have already read about on much more established blogs.

    It's just entertaining now watching you try so hard to be a blogger that you aren't.


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