Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stepping Out For Hot Chocolate


If you read my "5 Places In Norwich", then you'll know a select few of my favourite Norwich spots. Anyway, I mentioned that the Norwich forum have amazing hot chocolate - and here's the visual. Don't be fooled - this may be a 'small' size mug, but underneath that mound of cream lies super gooey marshmallows. Oh boy. So good. This was my first coco of the season, but Adam and I will soon be making regular stops off for that warm chocolate lovin' (weird?) and I'll have a 'Medium' mug please...

My new duster coat has been getting a lot of love recently! Yes, the hefty price tag made me wince at the checkout, but it's so versatile, I can just about justify it. An item I can check off my Autumn/Winter Stocktake list.


Duster Coat - Topshop / Top - Topshop / Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans Trainers - New Balance


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