Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home Interior Wishlist: The Bedroom

Since my 'How To Fill Your House on A Budget' post a few weeks back, it got me to thinking of what pieces on my home shopping list I'm still yet to buy - Such a long list, so little money. So, as the search goes on, with a Scandinavian vision in mind (You know, I love my Danish design) and budget in place, I've been scrolling sites and thought I'd share with you the finishing touches I've found for my bedroom, and where they'll be living when they're destined to be delivered to my door...

I'm currently perching myself on a plastic folding chair whilst at my vanity (Not as sad as it sounds) and I can just see this reproduction of the stylish (and rather pricey) Eames Lounge Chair from Amazon being the perfect replacement. I love the wooden cross section, where the chair gets it's namesake, and the seat is formed to mould around your body shape - extra comfy. Even if this doesn't end up at my dresser, it's a great side chair to fill any room and with the price point being around the £30 mark, against the £100+ of the real deal, it's a bargain. If you ask me, you can't even spot the difference...

This bedside table has already been purchased - I'm just too eager! My friend made a recent trip to IKEA and as the glory of IKEA is only available to us people of East Anglia via the internet, she kindly brought this bedside table back for me. (sounds like something you'd get on a cheesy tourist t-shirt) I've done a lot of online searching for a bedside table (the deeds of an adult life), and the contemporary design and angular shapes of this table really stood out to me, especially the cut out/handle for the draw! It's little detail that add extra character and make this item look far more than it's £20 price tag.

Described on the John Lewis website as 'a retro take on a table lamp', I think they've summed it up in one. The curved brass stem that connects the sturdy base to the rounded light shows a touch of Copenhagen design and the flick on switch, again, add's them little extra details. Featured in they're Copenhagen Edit (Do not open if weak for home design - or pay the price!) this Lamp would look awesome on the IKEA table, right?
The only issue? What colour to choose...

Interior Ideas? Send Them My Way!


  1. ahh love these posts! You must do more...always trying to play around with my own home!

  2. Thanks Mandy! I glad you enjoy them- lots more where this one came from! x


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