Sunday, 5 October 2014

Books On My Bookshelf

Sundays in this house, as you may know, are strictly for movies on the sofa, pamper sessions and anything else that involves me being able to wear my comfy pants. So, what better day than to share with you the books on our bookshelves? Nothing says relaxation like a good book, and the books we store downstairs are a select few that are more what you would call 'Coffee table books' full of awesome imagery and are easy pick me ups for guests. Plus, two travel guides that have snuck their way in.

I've become more interested and appreciative of design and illustration recently - Maybe Adams profession is rubbing off on me? - and I really enjoy flicking through this selection. I'd love a few of the illustrations from 'Seasons' as prints around the house, and there has been talk of a NEW YORKER postcard collage for the office...

Special shout-out to Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers Of Space! This has to be my favourite book on our shelf. I bought it for Adam on our first Anniversary (aww), which you may think is odd, but he is a big kid at heart. The book was one of the first releases from NoBrow's childrens imprint Flying Eye Books and features illustrations by Ben Newman whose vintage style modernist illustrations really stand out amongst other kid's books out there. Who knew learning could be so colourful? At the fine age of 21...

If I went into every book that is sat on our shelf (& believe me, I could ramble on until my fingers go numb) we'd be in for one lengthy post & I want you to enjoy your Sunday! So...


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