Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Glitter Filled Christmas Post: Berries, Baubles & Big ol' Reindeer's


Christmas is my favourite time of year - lets just get that confession out of the way with. I love it all - the movie classics, merry music, elaborate decorations and of course, THE FOOD. Just the thought of my nan's Yorkshire puddings....I digress. This year is the first Adam and I shall spend in our new home, so naturally I'm crazy excited about picking out a tree and sparkly baubles. (I think I might have to reign Adam in on the tinsel front) I realise it's only October but with reindeer's rearing their heads in stores already, I got swept away in the jolly spirit and headed down to my local garden centre!

Every year Notcutts put on an glitter filled display of sparkly red berries, glistening baubles and sweetly knotted cinnamon sticks, and I've got to tell you, I was ready to take it all home with me there and then, but I did restrain myself this time, and it's inevitable that I'll be making my way back nearer to Christmas! Unfortunately, I don't think there'll be room in the car for that life size reindeer...

Santa Costume / Amazon
I jest...


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