Thursday, 30 October 2014

Poetry & Polo-Neck's

A roll-neck post last week, followed by another this week - don't say I didn't warn you. If you caught my Return Of The Roll-Neck post, then you'll know I've got a few on their way in the post - ekk! - but last week I stuck to my old faithful grey GAP number as Adam and I headed out for a night of poetry.

A night of poetry isn't a usual outing for the two of us, but our friend has recently started up a poetry collective with a few friends and last Friday was their first performance  and we went along to show our support! As a lady who likes to think she has a way with words, I appreciate a good limerick. The performance was held at The Undercroft, an almost secret space underneath our local market in Norwich, usually used for exhibitions and such events. Their is something about poetry that I find so captivating, and the vibe that filled the room was very intimate and eary, for this reason, I didn't snap any shots! I did, however get a few of you do...


TurtleNeck (Last winter purchase, but new season very similar) / GAP  Jeans / Topshop  Coat (old)  / MANGO Beanie Hat / Carhartt  Bag / Ark (Not currently available online)


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home Interior Wishlist: The Bedroom

Since my 'How To Fill Your House on A Budget' post a few weeks back, it got me to thinking of what pieces on my home shopping list I'm still yet to buy - Such a long list, so little money. So, as the search goes on, with a Scandinavian vision in mind (You know, I love my Danish design) and budget in place, I've been scrolling sites and thought I'd share with you the finishing touches I've found for my bedroom, and where they'll be living when they're destined to be delivered to my door...

I'm currently perching myself on a plastic folding chair whilst at my vanity (Not as sad as it sounds) and I can just see this reproduction of the stylish (and rather pricey) Eames Lounge Chair from Amazon being the perfect replacement. I love the wooden cross section, where the chair gets it's namesake, and the seat is formed to mould around your body shape - extra comfy. Even if this doesn't end up at my dresser, it's a great side chair to fill any room and with the price point being around the £30 mark, against the £100+ of the real deal, it's a bargain. If you ask me, you can't even spot the difference...

This bedside table has already been purchased - I'm just too eager! My friend made a recent trip to IKEA and as the glory of IKEA is only available to us people of East Anglia via the internet, she kindly brought this bedside table back for me. (sounds like something you'd get on a cheesy tourist t-shirt) I've done a lot of online searching for a bedside table (the deeds of an adult life), and the contemporary design and angular shapes of this table really stood out to me, especially the cut out/handle for the draw! It's little detail that add extra character and make this item look far more than it's £20 price tag.

Described on the John Lewis website as 'a retro take on a table lamp', I think they've summed it up in one. The curved brass stem that connects the sturdy base to the rounded light shows a touch of Copenhagen design and the flick on switch, again, add's them little extra details. Featured in they're Copenhagen Edit (Do not open if weak for home design - or pay the price!) this Lamp would look awesome on the IKEA table, right?
The only issue? What colour to choose...

Interior Ideas? Send Them My Way!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Return of The Roll-Neck

Last winter I hit up GAP and picked myself up a couple of sweet roll-necks that I practically lived in for the whole duration of winter, they're like a jumper and scarf in one - What's not to love? This season, the trends have come back around and once again, the roll-neck's are hitting stores everywhere and the weather is just about cold enough to bring out my black and grey options from my own wardrobe.

Although I'll always stay loyal to my basic options, there are a couple of thicker turtle neck knits that I've had my eye on (Zara & Topshop) and once pay day arrives they'll make the drop into my shopping basket. Keep your peepers wide because my beloved basics and new additions will no doubt make it into a blog post or two. Possibly next week... (Major hint)


TurtleNeck (Last winter purchase, but new season very similar) / GAP
Coat (Old) / MANGO 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Glitter Filled Christmas Post: Berries, Baubles & Big ol' Reindeer's


Christmas is my favourite time of year - lets just get that confession out of the way with. I love it all - the movie classics, merry music, elaborate decorations and of course, THE FOOD. Just the thought of my nan's Yorkshire puddings....I digress. This year is the first Adam and I shall spend in our new home, so naturally I'm crazy excited about picking out a tree and sparkly baubles. (I think I might have to reign Adam in on the tinsel front) I realise it's only October but with reindeer's rearing their heads in stores already, I got swept away in the jolly spirit and headed down to my local garden centre!

Every year Notcutts put on an glitter filled display of sparkly red berries, glistening baubles and sweetly knotted cinnamon sticks, and I've got to tell you, I was ready to take it all home with me there and then, but I did restrain myself this time, and it's inevitable that I'll be making my way back nearer to Christmas! Unfortunately, I don't think there'll be room in the car for that life size reindeer...

Santa Costume / Amazon
I jest...


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Style Tip: Check Flannel Shirt

On a recent shopping trip to London, armed with cash and a long list, I headed to Regent Street to pick up a few transitional pieces for my wardrobe, with one item on that list being - The check flannel shirt. A piece that is wearable in any wardrobe because it is so versatile when it comes to styling, and great for this transitional weather because of my friend - layering. I picked mine up from the menswear section of UNIQLO because I like to wear mine oversized! Today, I'm handing out a few style tips on how I love to rock my check:

1. Open Over A T-shirt.
If I want to add a little extra to my usual daily attire of jeans and a basic t-shirt (you know me) then I like to just chuck this on over the top and roll up the sleeves so they aren't baggy. This shirt is soo soft, so it also fends of that Autumn breeze.

2. Around The Waist.
That being said, if you come over all hot and bothered (as you do in this awkward in between sticky weather!) then just tie it around the waist. It's super casual and has that 90's vibe that is on trend this season.

3. Buttoned & Tucked.
Sometimes, It's nice to opt for something other than the 'just rolled out of bed' look, so I like to smarten things up by buttoning the shirt and tucking into a pair of higher waisted black jeans. A t-shirt underneath could work also, and not button all the way to the neck. Adding a belt also emphasises the high waist! (& them lady curves!) 

Let me know if you'd like more of these Style Tip posts - Plenty more up my sleeve... *ahem*


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Routine

As we may have all discovered here, Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The crisp leaves, fresh air and wool knits. But Autumn evenings have to be my favourite part of each day - a little slice of heaven. Burning scented candles, switching to richer  body butters and melting into the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. I revel in this down time so much that I'm going to let you in on my perfect Autumn routine, step by step...

1. Make-up Removal
No evening routine can truly commence with out a make-up free face, in my opinion! There is nothing worse than the feeling of shiny skin, with your foundation slowly slipping of your face (often the case here) and this is the first thing I get straight too when walking through the door. Using my Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

2. Bathtime
A long day calls for a long soak, and LUSH products usually make an appearance. I love the Dreamtime Bath Melt and I've got a few bath bombs waiting to be blown...

3. Body Butter
I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop body butters, and I love using them in the evenings, especially for the colder months as they are super nourishing. Their Cranberry scent is AMAZING and is a range they bring out every winter, and I've gone through my fair share.(I can't find it online to link it up - doh!) Rumour has it that they've just launched an Apple range? I'm gone need that...

4. Comfy Clothes & Candles
Who am I kidding, you'll usually find me in comfy clothes. But, in the evenings especially, I like to don many a stretchy pant and pj top. I also love to burn candles in the Autumn, and at the moment I have a Yankee Candle scent on the go - Red Apple Wreath. Throw a blanket over me and I'm set for the night.

5. Hit The Sheets
I've mentioned my love for the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on here a couple of times previously, and I'm at it again! I have no issues with sleeping - I'm the queen of sleeping, in fact - but this step in my routine is key for me as it feels like my sheets are giving me a gentle hug as I drift off into slumber...

NOTE: Many scents are used in the making of this routine. It's not as overwhelming as it may sound...

What is your most loved step of your daily Autumn Routine?


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Date Night Details


I love a good date night with the other half, and last week we opted for a classic dinner and cinema dining. The summer months have seen us enjoying the evening sunshine, and the cinema as usually something we enjoy in the cosy colder evenings. As we headed down to our restaurant stop I thought I'd snap a few of my outfit details, you down with that?

We'r talking my usual uniform here, with focus on my new love - &otherstories stripe top. I adore this long sleeve top as it's unlike anything I already own. It's structured, heavy in weight and thicker than any other top I have in my closet. Such a great transitional piece and the classic stripe means I'll be pulling this out for seasons to come. 

Let's touch on the make-up? Not a subject I'd usually step upon as I'm no beauty maven, but that is one heck of a bold lip I'm rocking and it's not usually a colour you'd see laying neatly within my dresser draw. Completely stepping out of my comfort zone, I dabbed on some of the Revlon Matte Balm in 'Striking' and for the odd brave moment, this orange/red shade might just make an another appearance...


Top - &otherstories / Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans / Duster Jacket - Topshop / Shoes - Topshop (old) / Clutch - Vintage / Lip - Revlon Matte Balm 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Books On My Bookshelf

Sundays in this house, as you may know, are strictly for movies on the sofa, pamper sessions and anything else that involves me being able to wear my comfy pants. So, what better day than to share with you the books on our bookshelves? Nothing says relaxation like a good book, and the books we store downstairs are a select few that are more what you would call 'Coffee table books' full of awesome imagery and are easy pick me ups for guests. Plus, two travel guides that have snuck their way in.

I've become more interested and appreciative of design and illustration recently - Maybe Adams profession is rubbing off on me? - and I really enjoy flicking through this selection. I'd love a few of the illustrations from 'Seasons' as prints around the house, and there has been talk of a NEW YORKER postcard collage for the office...

Special shout-out to Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers Of Space! This has to be my favourite book on our shelf. I bought it for Adam on our first Anniversary (aww), which you may think is odd, but he is a big kid at heart. The book was one of the first releases from NoBrow's childrens imprint Flying Eye Books and features illustrations by Ben Newman whose vintage style modernist illustrations really stand out amongst other kid's books out there. Who knew learning could be so colourful? At the fine age of 21...

If I went into every book that is sat on our shelf (& believe me, I could ramble on until my fingers go numb) we'd be in for one lengthy post & I want you to enjoy your Sunday! So...


36 Hours in the USA & Canada / 36 Hours in Europe / Postcards from the NEW YORKER / Postcards from VANITY FAIR / Building Stories / People - Blexbolex / Seasons - Blexbolex / Professor Astro Cats Frontiers Of Space / This Is London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong - M. Sasek


Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Weekly Highlights - Girls, Girls, #GIRLBOSS

Once again, the best bits from the past week have been noted down and reduced to 3 helpings. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, videos - the lotSo, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. Patricia Bright on Radio1
I'm a girl that is very fond of her spotify playlist, but when I heard that Youtuber/Blogger Patricia Bright was filling a set on Radio1, I had to tune in. Her chatty videos literally make me laugh out loud, so an hour of Patricia time seemed like the perfect way to get me through an afternoon of editing! An eclectic mix and chatty times, perfect afternoon vibes. Give it a listen!

2. A Smokey Eye with Carrie
I've just about got the whole complexion game under control when it comes to face bases, but eye make up - not so much. Lovely Carrie, form WishWishWish, is in the same boat as all us heavy handed ladies and her Smokey-eye tutorial makes everything seem a little less scary. No harsh blacks, or liquid liners (which just end up on my eyeball) and when I get my hands on the perfect palette, I'll be pulling up this post. Thanks, Carrie!

3. A #GIRLBOSS Collab
This week, two awesome women have combined to create something quite unique. #1GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso & Creater of 'Girls' (ironic?) Lena Dunham have collaborated for her Not that kind of girl promo book tour! (Of course, it's on my Christmas list) Founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia, will be dressing Lena for the length of her tour in a selection of exclusive Nasty Gal outfits, which you can shop here! Awesome, huh? There is also a suggestively worded tote bag that I need to get my hands on.  

If that wasn't enough excitement for one post, Lena is also hosting 5 sessions with women to encourage literacy and learning, expressing what they love about writing and even doing a writing exercise. Such positive vibes! Obviously, I enjoy writing also, so this excites me!  Now, I need to just get to the US...


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stepping Out For Hot Chocolate


If you read my "5 Places In Norwich", then you'll know a select few of my favourite Norwich spots. Anyway, I mentioned that the Norwich forum have amazing hot chocolate - and here's the visual. Don't be fooled - this may be a 'small' size mug, but underneath that mound of cream lies super gooey marshmallows. Oh boy. So good. This was my first coco of the season, but Adam and I will soon be making regular stops off for that warm chocolate lovin' (weird?) and I'll have a 'Medium' mug please...

My new duster coat has been getting a lot of love recently! Yes, the hefty price tag made me wince at the checkout, but it's so versatile, I can just about justify it. An item I can check off my Autumn/Winter Stocktake list.


Duster Coat - Topshop / Top - Topshop / Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans Trainers - New Balance

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