Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Weekly Highlights

Once again, it's time to note down the best bits from the past week. 7 days worth of highlights have been duly noted and reduced down to my top 3. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, blogging, videos - the lotSo, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. Autumnal Make-up.
Rusty-Red Shadow Selections and Berry Lips have been popping up all over my Blog and Youtube feed this week and I loove it. Now, I'm no beauty maven (although I do like to think I'm a trier!) and everyday neutral make-up is definitely my thing, but Vivianna Does Makeup put up an awesome little Autumn Edit that has left a need for a bold berry lip & red toned shadows (which apparently would suit my green eyes? Bonus) Watch this space...& Anna's video.

2. The Worktop.
A new addition to my Youtube Subscription box is DIY/Cooking channel The Worktop. The channel is a recent launch for Aslan (whom you may recognize from Essie Buttons Vlog Channel) and it's awesome - not to mention the crazy editing skills. Adam and I often watch their vlogs together and he's always thought it would be cool if Aslan had his own channel, so he's all over his videos. His first video of "3 Sweet Breakfasts" is super easy to follow and all of the ingredients are likely to already be in your kitchen cupboards! French Toast, anyone?

3. Bedtime Prep.
Collapsing into bed has been made 100x sweeter this week with the return of my Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Body Bar and This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray combo (Little post review, here)
In Autumn/Winter a lot of berry or spiced scents make their way into my evening routine in the form of thicker body butters, candles and sprays, but these two products always send me into the deepest slumber known to man! (More details to come in the form of an Autumn Evening Routine post!)


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