Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Weekly Highlights

Once again, it's time to note down the best bits from the past week. 7 days worth of highlights have been duly noted and reduced down to my top 3. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, blogging, videos - the lot. So, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. London, Baby.
On Wednesday, Adam and I took off for a day in London! A day out was well overdue, and I had a long shopping list in hand. Great food was consumed (A Burrito at Southbank - I'd been dreaming of it for weeks), money was spent (Expect to see the what was bought filtering through Eternal Sunday, A bit of a staggered HAUL, if you will? £££), and the day ended with me napping on the train journey home, of course.

2. Yoga With Adrienne.
As you may know, I've recently been enjoying some yoga sessions via Youtube! An awesome way to get a work out in the comfort of my living room. Well, with YWA Newsletter has just been re-introduced and I'm loving my weekly drop in my email box. It's full of empowering/motivational substance from Adrienne and really encourages you to keep strong! Subscribe here, if you (like me) need a gentle nudge to wake up your body and get back on the mat! 

3. Stockholm Streetstyle.
My love for this blog is plenty-full, as it's already been linked up in my Scandinavia Fix post, but I just had to mention it again. I really enjoy fashion posts that need no caption and the outfits themselves speak volumes, and Stockholm Streetstyle does just that. No need for fancy words and quips - just pure unadulterated style. 

E x

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