Sunday, 21 September 2014

One For The Food Lovers: Borough Market

Having a ridiculously sweet tooth, can be a burden sometimes, and a slight whiff of a doughnut sends my stomach into overdrive. So, it's hard to believe that I have yet to hit up Borough Market to see what goodies they have on offer, until last week, that is. Adam and I just so happened to take a wander to the glorious food market in London last week to see what was on offer and as today is Borough Markets 1000th Birthday - HURRAH! - what a perfect excuse to share some snaps of the food we sought out! On our little stop off at Borough Market it became clear that the dilemma was less about figuring out what food you're going to fill your handbag with and more about deciding which delicious food you're sadly going to be leaving behind for next time. Happy Birthday Borough Market - I can't wait for next time...

If you have any other food market recommendations - send them my way!

E x



  1. Wow all this food looks delicious!! Not the right post to read on an empty stomach... Gisforgingers xx

    1. Haha- good point! I should have posted a WARNING! I'm now heading to the cupboard...


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