Saturday, 27 September 2014

How To Fill Your House on A Budget

A few months ago I posted a little sneek peek into my living space and since we've now been in our lovely house for a few months,we've added to our interior. So today we're having a bit of a 'show and tell', if you will? Showcasing a few of the bits we've snapped up for next to nothing, some top tips for furniture hunting, and there's even the odd piece we've picked up for free:

Top Tips:

- Gumtree is your friend. You may have to stalk the site for a few weeks to find what your after, but you'll reep the rewards. (In our case- It was our kitchen table at the bargain price of £20!)

- Look beyond what you see. Upholstering can be half the fun!

- Ask around. Your friends moving house? Neighbours moving out? Be cheeky and have a rummage around what goodies are being left behind.

- Keep a look out. Where we live in Norwich, there are plenty of cutesy terrace houses filled with vintage gems and people moving in and out with removal vans filled to the brim. Around our streets things are often left out for people to take, if they so wish. Like it? Grab it! 

- Watch the prices drop. That side table in the sale that would look awesome in your bedroom? The price will probably drop in a week - be patient, my friend.

Vintage Barbers Chair - Gifted by a lovley friend.

Floor Standing Lamp £19.99 from The Futon Company - They have great Sale reductions!

Super comfy sofa - £90 from Gumtree. (The lady happened to live opposite Adams old place and held onto it for us! and knocked down the price - result.)

Hexagon Mirror - Free from movers on our street! A little clean up and it's the perfect centre piece for our living room. It opens up the room and you can check yourself out before you leave the house. If you want...

Drop Leaf Dining Table - Gumtree. £20. The lovely lady even delivered it to us free of charge. We're in the process of sanding it down, re-painting and staining. Post to come on this soon!

Let me know if you've also had some great finds! I've become a bit of a hunter...

E x


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